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AKIRA (1988)

Original Title : AKIRA
Director(s) : (supervising director)
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Animation, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Length : 124 minYear : 1988Country : JapanLangage : JapaneseCoulor : ColorRatio : 1.85 : 1
Sound : 70 mm 6-Track(70 mm prints)| DTS(re-release)| Dolby(35 mm prints)| Dolby Digital(2001 re-issue)| Dolby(Dolby TrueHD 51)
French Release : 1989-06-01US Release : 1989-12-25
Actors :
Kaneda (voice)
Tetsuo (voice)
Kei (voice)
Ryu (voice)
Nezu (voice)
Lady Miyako /Committee A (voice)
Inspector /Committee I (voice)
Kaori (voice)
Yamagata (voice)
Army /Committee G /Eiichi Watanabe (voice)
Kai (voice)
Army (voice)
Engineer Sakiyama /Committe D (voice)
Harukiya Bartender (voice)
Committee F /Spy /Yûji Takeyama /Terrorist (voice)
Assistant /Committee B /Mitsuru Kuwata /Terrorist /Shimazaki (voice)
Masaru (voice) (as Kazuhiro Kando)
Takashi (voice)
Kiyoko (voice) (as Sachie Ito)
Additional Voices (voice)
Miyako Follower (voice)
Additional Voices (voice)
Additional Voices (voice)
Additional Voices (voice)
Girl A (voice)
Girl B (voice)
Girl C (voice)
Colonel Shikishima (voice)
Doctor Ônishi (voice)
Doctor Onishi /Council 2 /Senator /Clown /Crowd Skeptic /Resistance 1 (voice) (as Lewis Lemay)
Walla (voice) (as Matthew Hustin)
Shimazaki (voice)
Additoinal Voices (voice) (as Frederick Bloggs)
Masaru /Kai /Gang 2 /Sewer Cop 2 /Male Nurse /Arrest Officer /Restaurant Man /Eiichi Watanabe /Inspector (voice) (as Bob Berger)
Male Nurse /Radio Reporter 3 /Resistance Member 1 (voice) (as David Lucas)
Kaneda (voice)
Additional Voices (voice) (as Guy Pinkham)
Female Newscaster 1 /Female Nurse (voice) (as Emily Brown)
Ryu (voice) (as Robert Wicks)
Resistance Member 2 /Stadium Soldier 2 /Radio Reporter /Tank Cannon Operator /Male Newscaster /Scientist 1 /Bridge Soldier 1 /Additional Voices (voice) (as Burt Walters)
Man on Nezu's Phone (voice) (as Lee Kelso)
Takashi Crowd Soldier 3 /Helipad Soldier 2 (voice) (as Sam Strong)
Kaneda (voice) (as James Flinders)
Kay /Restaurant Woman /Lighter Brunette Groupie 1 (voice) (as Deanna Morris)
Researcher 2 (voice) (as WT Hatch)
Groupie 2 (voice) (as Bambi Darro)
Additional Voices (voice) (as Jim Taggert)
Additoinal Voices (voice)
Colonel's Council Connection (voice) (as Russell Thor)
Female Newscaster 2 (voice) (as Reba West)
Kiyoko (voice)
Eiichi Watanabe /Additional Voices (voice) (as Christy Mathewson)
Council Connection's Secretary (voice) (as Jessica Gee)
Takashi /Kaori /Council 4 /Groupie Orange 2 /Groupie Darker Brunette /Female Anchor (voice) (as Barbara Larsen)
Kiyoko (voice) (as Marylin Lane)
Additional Voices (voice)
Groupie 3 (voice) (as Pee Jay Lee)
Additional Voices (voice)
Revolutionary Priest (voice) (as William Frederick)
Roy /Miyako /Army (voice) (as Drew Thomas)
Man on Nezu's Phone (voice)
Kei (voice)
Additional Voices (voice)
Yamagata (voice) (as Dylan Tully)
Councilman 1 (voice)
Additional Voices (voice)
Firing Squad Leader (voice) (as Peter Lee)
Takashi /Masaru (voice)
Additional Voices (voice)
Resistance Member 2 (voice)
Additional Voices (voice) (as Richard Plantagenet)
Additional Voices (voice) (as Matt 'Masamune' Miller)
Red Revenging Clown /Drug Customer /Helicopter Soldier 1 /Barriers Announcement /Nurse's Guard 2 /Interrogation Room Cop /Unit 375 Cop /Radio Relayer /Sewer Vehicle Pilot /Army (voice) (as Rafael Antonio)
Mitsuru Kuwata /Gang Member 3 (voice)
Lighter Brunette Gang Groupie 2 /Female Nurse /Secretary (voice)
Col Shikishima /Yamagata /Resistance Member 3 /Resistance's Insider /Interrogator 1 /Sewer Vehicle Pilot /Revolutionary with Grenade /Waiter /Building Alarm Announcement /Bombing Announcement /Unit 375 Cop /Gang Member 5 /Barriers Announcement /Shimazaki /Mitsuru Kuwata /Harukiya Bartender (voice) (as Anthony Mozdy)
The Doctor (voice) (as Simon Isaacson)
Colonel (voice) (as James Lyon)
Man Leading People to Akira /Man on Vehicle's Radio 1 /Radio Reporter 2 (voice) (as David Umansky)
Kai (voice) (as Tony Sarducci)
Tetsuo /Yuji Takeyama /Gang 4 /Council 6 (voice) (as Stanley Gurd Jr)
Additional Voices (voice)
Nezu (voice) (as Ray Michaels)
Additoinal Voices (voice)
Kaori (voice) (as Georgette Rose)
Tetsuo (voice)
Revolutionary with Grenade /Crowd Skeptic (voice) (as Dougary Grant)
Additional Voices (voice)
Bartender (voice) (as Ivan Buckley)
Council 3 (voice)
Additional Voices (voice) (as G Gordon Baer)
Takashi Crowd Soldier 2 /Councilman 6 /Man Declaring Akira's Return /Interrogator 2 /Nurse's Guard 1 (voice) (as George C Cole)
Radio Reporter 1 /Stadium Soldier 2 /Male Newscaster /Arrest Officer /Inspector (voice) (as Steve Cannon)
Gang Member 4 (voice) (as Henry Douglas Grey)
Councilman 4 (voice)
Additoinal Voices (voice)
Groupie 1 (voice) (as Jean Howard)
Additional Voices (voice)
Scientist 1 (voice) (as Sparky Thornton)
Additional Voices (voice) (as Ethan Murray)
Additoinal Voices (voice) (as Kurt Wimberger)
Additional Voices (voice) (as Jim Warrington)
Bonfire Speaker (voice) (as Jackson Daniels)
Additional Voices (voice)

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