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Filmography from Alia Shawkat

Filmography from : Alia Shawkat

Actor :

Green Room, Jeremy Saulnier, 2015
A band straying into a secluded part of the Pacific Northwest, stumbles on to a horrific act of violence. Because they are the only witnesses, they become the targets of a terrifying gang of white power skinheads who want to make sure all the evidence is eliminated....

Life After Beth, Jeff Baena, 2014
Zach is devastated by the unexpected death of his girlfriend, Beth. When she mysteriously returns, he gets a second chance at love. Soon his whole world turns upside down…...

The Brass Teapot, Ramaa Mosley, 2012
When a couple discovers that a brass teapot makes them money whenever they hurt themselves, they must come to terms with how far they are willing to go....