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Filmography from Alicia Sanz

Filmography from : Alicia Sanz

Actor :

Perfect, Eddie Alcazar, 2018
Wareing is portraying a teenage boy with a violent past who is haunted by dark visions and enters a mysterious clinic where the patients wildly transform their bodies and minds using genetic engineering. He undergoes treatment, installing therapeutic implants into his body — but discovers that purity of mind is not exactly what he’d imagined....

Afterparty, Miguel Larraya, 2013
Martín is the young male lead in a successful television series, "Camp Blood", and one of the biggest teenage idols of the moment. He has no qualms about using his fame to score with girls and has earned a reputation as a heartbreaker. One morning he wakes and finds that he is locked inside a large house after a wild party there the night before. Trapped along with him are three girls with whom he had different encounters the night...