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Filmography from Allen Lewis Rickman

Filmography from : Allen Lewis Rickman

Actor :

New York Vampire, Gregory Lamberson (as Greg Lamberson), 1991
A young man (Tommy Sweeney) who's depressed about his failed suicide attempt, winds up going to a friends party anyway. Although his friends seem insensitive about his plight, he meets a model who sheds a different light on death......

Slime City, Gregory Lamberson (as Greg Lamberson), 1988
A student moves into a run-down building in New York City. His bizarre neighbors make a concoction in their apartment they call wine, but when he takes some of it, he turns into a deformed, murderous monster. ...

Flesh-Eating Mothers, James Aviles Martin, 1988
After sleeping around with the town's population of mothers, a man spreads a cannibalistic venereal disease to each woman. The result is a horrific display of flesh eaters as they turn on their children for food. The teens must somehow inject the antidote into the rearend of their own mothers before they too become Sunday dinner. ...

I Was a Teenage Zombie, John Elias Michalakis, 1987
Six high school buddies accidentally kill a drug pusher and dump his body in toxic waters. When the pusher returns as a zombie and goes on a killing spree, their only recourse is to dump the body of one of their own recently dead, and have him return as a "good" zombie to face off with the "bad" one. The producer's hook for the film was to feature music by groups the likes of The Fleshtones and Los Lobos....