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Filmography from Allison Barron

Filmography from : Allison Barron

Actor :

The Haunted, Robert Mandel, 1991
When the Smurl family moves into a duplex, they find out its haunted....

Night of the Demons, Kevin Tenney (as Kevin S Tenney), 1988
Ten teens decide to have a party at an abandoned funeral parlor called Hull House. Hull House is on a strip of land rumored to be unclean and unfit for human inhabitance. The house has a nasty history to it including a the Hull family being murdered. After the ten kids enter the house they decide to have a séance. After an attempt for the séance they awaken a demon that lives in the basement. It possesses one of the girls then from her...

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge, Jack Sholder, 1985