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ANT-MAN  (2015)

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Armed with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, con-man Scott Lang must embrace his inner-hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, protect the secret behind his spectacular Ant-Man suit from a new generation of towering threats. Against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Pym and Lang must plan and pull off a heist that will save the world.

Original Title : ANT-MAN 
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Action, Adventure, Comedy
Length : 117 minYear : 2015Country : USALangage : EnglishCoulor : ColorRatio : 185 : 1
Sound : Datasat| Dolby Digital| Dolby Atmos| Dolby Surround 71
French Release : 1970-01-01US Release : 1970-01-01
Aka(s) :
Argentina - Ant-Man: El Hombre Hormiga
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) - Ант-Мен
Brazil - Homem-Formiga
Canada (English title) - Ant-Man
Canada (French title) - Ant-Man
Chile - Ant-Man: El Hombre Hormiga
Czech Republic - Ant-Man
Estonia - Sipelgamees
Spain - Ant-Man
France - Ant-Man
Greece - Ant-Man
Hungary - A Hangya
Israel (Hebrew title) - Antman
Lithuania - Skruzdeliukas
Mexico - Ant-Man: El hombre hormiga
Peru - Ant-Man: El Hombre Hormiga
Poland - Ant-Man
Poland (3-D version) - Ant-Man 3D
Portugal - Homem-Formiga
Romania - Omul-Furnica
Serbia - Čovek-mrav
Russia - Человек-муравей
Turkey (Turkish title) - Ant-Man
Ukraine - Людина-мураха
Vietnam - Nguoi Kien
World-wide (3-D version) - Ant-Man 3D
Actors :
Cast(in credits order) 
Scott Lang /Ant-Man
Dr Hank Pym
Hope van Dyne
Darren Cross /Yellowjacket
Sam Wilson /Falcon
Maggie Lang
Cassie Lang
Dave (as Tip 'TI' Harris)
Peggy Carter
Howard Stark
Mitchell Carson
Cab Driver
Hydra Buyer
Young Pym
Janet Van Dyne /The Wasp
Spanish Woman
Young Daughter
Pool BBQ Dad
Pool BBQ Mom
Pool BBQ Kid
Pool BBQ Kid
Pym Tech Gate Guard
Pym Tech Security Guard
Pym Tech Security Guard
Gorgeous Blonde (as Ricki Noel Lander)
Superior Officer
Ice Cream Store Customer
Cop on Speaker
Alpha Guard
Beta Guard
Vault Guard
Vault Guard
Armed Guard
Armed Guard
Armed Guard
Armed Guard
Armed Guard
Lab Guard
Lab Guard
Lab Guard
Lab Guard
Lab Tech
Hideous Rabbit (voice)
Helicopter Pilot
Helicopter Pilot
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Pym Tech Employee (uncredited)
SF Tenderloin Resident (uncredited)
Gangster (uncredited)
Pym Technologies Employee (uncredited)
Security Guard (uncredited)
PYM Tech Employee (uncredited)
Dog Owner (uncredited)
Shareholder /Buyer (uncredited)
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Nissan Truck Driver (uncredited)
CIA Agent (uncredited)
Scott's Neighbor (uncredited)
Pym Tech Employee (uncredited)
Uniformed Guard (uncredited)
DUI Prisoner (uncredited)
Tourist (uncredited)
Prisoner (uncredited)
Raver (uncredited)
Detective (uncredited)
Detective (uncredited)
Fort Point Bicyclist (uncredited)
Opening Scene SFPD Arresting Officer (uncredited)
Laundry Man (uncredited)
Driver (uncredited)
Meter Man (uncredited)
Pym Tech Employee /Personal Assistant (uncredited)
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Steve Rogers (uncredited)
Detective (uncredited)
Businessman (uncredited)
Jail Visitor (uncredited)
Pedestrian in Rain (uncredited)
Limo Driver (uncredited)
School Kid (uncredited)
Pym Technologies Employee (uncredited)
PYM Tech Armed Guard (uncredited)
PYM Tech Valet (uncredited)
Armed Security Guard (uncredited)
Ten Doors Tenderloin (uncredited)
Latina Gangster (uncredited)
Shareholder (uncredited)
Shareholder (uncredited)
Pymtech Elite Security Guard (uncredited)
Police Detective Brown (uncredited)
Student (uncredited)
Prisoner (uncredited)
Irish Softball Player (uncredited)
Scientist (uncredited)
Prison Guard Villegas (uncredited)
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Jogger (uncredited)
Shareholder (uncredited)
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Fisherman (uncredited)
Police Officer (uncredited)
SFPD Officer (uncredited)
Shopper (uncredited)
Officer Green (uncredited)
PYM Tech Employee (uncredited)
Bunker Guard #1 (uncredited)
Bunker Guard #2 (uncredited)
Gabriel (uncredited)
Castillo (uncredited)
Tourist (uncredited)
Street Guy by Taco Truck (uncredited)
Man in Car (uncredited)
Delivery Man (uncredited)
Suited Guard (uncredited)
Prisoner (uncredited)
Pedestrian in Crosswalk (uncredited)
Homeless Man (uncredited)
Shareholder (uncredited)
Scientist (uncredited)
Panamaian Soldier (uncredited)
Young Mom (uncredited)
Jogger (uncredited)
Casino Player (uncredited)
Party Boy (uncredited)
Street Vendor (uncredited)
Prisoner (uncredited)
Police (uncredited)
Prisoner (uncredited)
Neighbor (uncredited)
Art Gallery Patron (uncredited)
Prison Visitor (uncredited)
Pymtech Supervisor (uncredited)
Bucky Barnes (uncredited)
Prison Officer (uncredited)
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Howard Stark Assistant (uncredited)
Bully (uncredited)
PYM Security Guard (uncredited)
Pym Tech Receptionist (uncredited)
Waiter (uncredited)
Security Guard (uncredited)
Jeep Driver (uncredited)
Panamanian Guard #2 (uncredited)
Panamanian Guard (uncredited)
Prisoner (uncredited)
Lollipop Man (uncredited)
Cashier - Darby (uncredited)
Additional Voices (uncredited)
Pym Tech Employee (uncredited)
Tourist (uncredited)
San Francisco Cyclist (uncredited)
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Uniform Police Officer (uncredited)

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