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Filmography from Bastiaan Rook

Filmography from : Bastiaan Rook

Actor :

La Diabolique, Elbert van Strien, 2010
Two Eyes Staring steadily creates a creepy, unsettling atmosphere as it builds towards a tense climax. Young actress Isabelle Stokkel gives a great performance in the difficult role of Lisa. The film is well paced and beautifully shot, and handles the horror elements quite masterfully. A fantastic slow-build horror, Two Eyes Staring delivers plenty of chills and unexpected thrills. And we’re not the only ones who think so. Charlize Theron has...

Redivider, Tim Smit (as TimSmit), 0
Set in a future version of the world, the video game style plot follows an experiment for unlimited energy, harnessing parallel universes, which goes wrong. Chased by drones and soldiers, pilot and physicist Will Porter must race through an imploding world to get the Redivider box to a tower, which will save humanity, including his family, in the real world....