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Cannibal Holocaust


The director Alan Yates and his crew, formed by Faye Daniels, Jack Anders and Mark Tomaso, head to a rain forest in Amazonas called Green Inferno to shoot a documentary about the primitive tribes of cannibals that live in the area. They vanish and the American anthropologist Professor Harold Monroe travels to the area with the experienced guide Chaco Losojos and his assistant Miguel to seek the team out. The trio is received first by the Yacumo tribe of warriors and then they approach to the wild Yamamomo that is in a permanent war against the Shamatari. They find the remains of the documentary team and their reels, and they successfully negotiate with the savages. Back in New York, Professor Monroe watches the disturbing footage and discovers the fate of the team.

Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Adventure, Horror
Length : 95 min | 89 min (heavily cut) | 90 min (animal cruelty-free) | 86 min (Québec)Year : 1980Country : ItalyLangage : English | Spanish | ItalianCoulor : Color(Eastmancolor) (uncredited)Ratio : 1.85 : 1
Sound : Mono(RCA Sound System)| Dolby Digital(2001 re-release)
French Release : 1981-04-22US Release : 2001-06-29
Aka(s) :
Argentina - Cannibal holocausto
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) - Канибалска гибел
Brazil (festival title) - Canibal Holocausto
Brazil - Holocausto Canibal
Canada (French title) - L'Enfer des Cannibales
Chile - Holocausto caníbal
Czech Republic - Kanibalové
Denmark - Kannibalmassakren
Spain - Holocausto caníbal
Finland - Kannibaalien polttouhrit
France - Cannibal Holocaust
Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) - To olokaftoma ton kannivalon
Greece - Το Ολοκαύτωμα των Καννίβαλων
Hungary - Cannibal Holocaust
Japan - Shokujinzoku
South Korea (theatrical title) - Holocaust
Mexico - Holocausto caníbal
Norway - Cannibal Holocaust
Peru - Canibal Holocausto
Poland - Nadzy i rozszarpani
Portugal - Holocausto Canibal
Serbia - Holokaust ljudoždera
Soviet Union (Russian title) - Ад каннибалов
USA (complete title) - Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust
Venezuela - Cannibal holocausto
West Germany - Nackt und zerfleischt
Actors :
Professor Harold Monroe
Faye Daniels
Jack Anders
Mark Tomaso (as Luca Giorgio Barbareschi)
Chaco Losojos
Undetermined Role
Alan Yates (as Gabriel Yorke)
1st Executive
2nd Executive (as Pio Di Savoia)
Undetermined Role (as Luigina Rocchi)
NYU Chancellor (voice) (uncredited)
Adulteress (uncredited)
Man sitting in NYU Campus (uncredited)
PABS Reporter (voice) (uncredited)
Felipe Ocanya (uncredited)
Mark Tomaso (voice) (uncredited)
Professor Harold Monroe (voice) (uncredited)
Pantheon Interviewer (uncredited)
Alan's father (uncredited)
Chaco Losojos /Pantheon Interviewer (voice) (uncredited)
2nd Executive (voice) (uncredited)
3rd Executive (voice) (uncredited)
Faye Daniels (voice) (uncredited)
South American Reporter (voice) (uncredited)
Cannibal Holocaust

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give me a fok - /07/26 at 17:54
# 5

whai dos anybody give me a fok!? Blease give me a fok !

His rating: 1/10
walk - /03/29 at 22:09
# 4

it doesn"t get any better than this.everything else is a rip off.

His rating: 10/10
milton - /02/10 at 09:10
# 3

i like this kind of film very much .so i need more movies

gore_candy - /03/04 at 09:58
# 2

i'm glad other people agree that cannibal holocaust is the goriest thing they've seen in fiction.
i woke up with a hang over to the scene of the girl tied to the stake being bashed to death and screaming like a pig, i love gore, but i was apalled!!
if anyone knows anymore movies close to this kind, would you like to email me at (my dogs name is nipples)

His rating: 10/10
Lee PAge - /07/25 at 15:12
# 1

Love it cannibals, island, dead people and GORE cant beat it but a modern day remake like in a city would be good

His rating: 9/10
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