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Filmography from Carlos Lucas

Filmography from : Carlos Lucas

Actor :

Mucha sangre, Pepe de las Heras, 2002

La comunidad, Álex de la Iglesia (as Alex de la Iglesia), 2000
Julia finds 300 million pesetas hidden in a dead man's house while selling an apartment. She's a 40-ish real estate agent (played by Carmen Maura) now forced to face the wrath of a very peculiar community (of neighbors), headed by an unscrupulous administrator. Black humour gives way to suspense, closely folowed by horror that doesn't take long in coming to a head in undisguised pandemonium....

Muertos de risa, Álex de la Iglesia (as Alex de la Iglesia), 1999
Nino and Bruno are two comedians who reach the heights of success with their duo act, turning them into huge TV celebrities. However, the hate between them grows as fast, and as much, as their fame....

El día de la bestia, Álex de la Iglesia (as Alex de la Iglesia), 1995
A basque priest finds by means of a cabalistic study of the bible that the anti-christ is going to be born on Christmas day in Madrid. Helped by a heavy-metal fan and by the showman of a TV esoteric program, he will try to invoke the devil to find out the place of birth and kill the baby....