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Filmography from Chalet Lizette Brannan

Filmography from : Chalet Lizette Brannan

Actor :

Crepitus, Haynze Whitmore (attached), 2018
Seventeen year old Elizabeth and her younger sister Sam are thrust into circumstances more terrifying than life with their abusive, drunken mother when they are forced to move into their deceased Grandfather's house. Frightened beyond belief, they are forced to learn horrible things about their family history. Never mind the ghosts in the house, there is something far worse that takes an interest in them ... a cannibalistic clown named Crepitus....

Night Aboard the Salem, Joel Brook, Jack MF Skyyler (as Jack Skyyler), Alex Zinzopoulos, 2014
A group of paranormal investigators become trapped in the U.S.S. Salem for the longest deadliest nightmare of their lives....