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Filmography from Charleene Closshey

Filmography from : Charleene Closshey

Actor :

A Thousand Cuts, Charles Evered, 2012
A Thousand Cuts is a psychological thriller about a stranger with a haunted past (Academy Award nominee Michael O'Keefe), who shows up unannounced at the home of Hollywood's hottest horror director (Michael A. Newcomer)...determined to teach him what real horror is all about....

The Punisher, Jonathan Hensleigh, 2004
After a undercover operation where Bobby Saint, son of corrupt businessman Howard Saint, is killed. FBI agent Frank Castle retires. Howard Saint holding Castle responsible for the death of his son butchers Franks family during a family reunion and leaves Frank for dead. Burnt out and taunted by memories of his murdered family, Frank sets out to avenge his family, and he becomes a judge, jury and executioner known as "The Punisher", as Castle...