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Filmography from Charles Grodin

Filmography from : Charles Grodin

Actor :

Heaven Can Wait, Warren Beatty, Buck Henry, 1978
A Los Angeles Rams quarterback, accidentally taken away from his body by an over-anxious angel before he was supposed to die, comes back to life in the body of a recently-murdered millionaire....

King Kong, John Guillermin, 1976
A petroleum exploration expedition comes to an isolated island and encounters a colossal giant gorilla. ...

Rosemary's Baby, Roman Polanski, 1968
A young couple move into a new apartment, only to be surrounded by peculiar neighbors and occurrences. When the wife becomes mysteriously pregnant, paranoia over the safety of her unborn child begins controlling her life....

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Richard Fleischer, 1954
A ship sent to investigate a wave of mysterious sinkings encounters the advanced submarine, the Nautilus, commanded by Captain Nemo. ...