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Filmography from Chelsea Edmundson

Filmography from : Chelsea Edmundson

Actor :

Bloodsucka Jones, Justin Armao, 2013
David’s new girlfriend turns out to be a vampire so he enlists the help of the 10th best vampire hunter in his area code and legendary badass Bloodsucka Jones to fight off an army of evil preppy vampires....

Camera Phone, Eddie Brown Jr, 2012
On March 20, 2010 there was a party at a building in Orange County. That night, there was a 911 call that has been filed as ‘unknown’ and the case was hidden from the public. The events that took place at this home are unsolved and there are no suspects. But, all of these events were captured on electronic devices at the party. The police have put together the footage to figure out what happened at this party. The events you are about to...

Army of the Dead, Zack Snyder, 0