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Filmography from Chloe Snyder

Filmography from : Chloe Snyder

Actor :

Diary of a Serial Killer, Andy Hurst, 2008
On a rainy night, in a dark alley, award-winning journalist Nelson Keece witnesses a vicious murder. Although horrified, his curiosity takes over when this cold-blooded killer forces Nelson to interview him. Now, the tension mounts as fast as the body count rises while the killer stalks the streets. This film's disturbing portrayal of the killer, the cop and the writer is shocking and not to be forgotten. ...

Claustrophobia, Harlan Schneider, 0
To a young deaf man, Tim Patterson, living with his girlfriend, Heather, in the beautiful country house he inherited from his family, life seems perfect. Tim has his house; he has his work; and best of all he has Heather… until one day his doorbell rings. The cadaverous figure of James Orwell, his new neighbor, looms in the doorway. Orwell informs Tim that he's had a survey done which proves that Tim is trespassing on Orwell's property. And...