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Filmography from Christopher Backus

Filmography from : Christopher Backus

Actor :

Among Friends, Danielle Harris, 2012
Good times take a dark turn when longtime friends get together for an ’80s-themed murder mystery party that is soon hijacked by someone from their past. The dinner guests will have to face their lies and secret betrayals as they discover the terrifying lengths to which their host will go to expose the truth....

Elevator, Stig Svendsen, 2011
When nine partygoers find themselves trapped 50 floors above Manhattan with a bomb, they are forced to set aside their differences and learn to cooperate. But resentments run deep, and each character has a motive that could doom the survival of all. With issues of racism, greed, war, politics and infidelity converging in one tiny space, ELEVATOR offers a new perspective on terrorism, and raises questions about who the real criminals are in a...