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An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution.

Original Title : CLOUD ATLAS
Director(s) : , , (as Andy Wachowski)
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Action, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Length : 172 min | 134 min (Mainland China Cut Version)Year : 2012Country : USA | Germany | Hong Kong | Singapore | ChinaLangage : English | Spanish | Ukrainian | KoreanCoulor : ColorRatio : 2.39:1
Sound : Dolby Digital| DTS| SDDS| Dolby Surround 71| Dolby Atmos
French Release : 2013-02-02US Release : 2012-10-06
Actors :
Dr Henry Goose /Hotel Manager /Isaac Sachs /Dermot Hoggins /Cavendish Look-a-Like Actor /Zachry
Native Woman /Jocasta Ayrs /Luisa Rey /Indian Party Guest /Ovid /Meronym
Captain Molyneux /Vyvyan Ayrs /Timothy Cavendish /Korean Musician /Prescient 2
Haskell Moore /Tadeusz Kesselring /Bill Smoke /Nurse Noakes /Boardman Mephi /Old Georgie
Adam Ewing /Poor Hotel Guest /Megan's Dad /Highlander /Hae-Joo Chang /Adam (Zachry's Brother-in-Law)
Tilda /Megan's Mom /Mexican Woman /Sonmi-451 /Sonmi-351 /Sonmi Prostitute
Cabin Boy /Robert Frobisher /Store Clerk /Georgette /Tribesman
Kupaka /Joe Napier /An-kor Apis /Prescient
Young Rufus Sixsmith /Old Rufus Sixsmith /Nurse James /Archivist
Talbot (Hotel Manager) /Yoona-939 /Rose
Autua /Lester Rey /Duophysite
Madame Horrox /Older Ursula /Yusouf Suleiman /Abbess
Rev Giles Horrox /Hotel Heavy /Lloyd Hooks /Denholme Cavendish /Seer Rhee /Kona Chief
Old Salty Dog /Mr Meeks /Prescient 1
Mr Boerhaave /Guard /Leary the Healer
Young Cavendish
Javier Gomez /Jonas /Zachry's Older Nephew (as Brody Lee)
Mr Hotchkiss
Mrs Hotchkiss
Little Girl with Orison at Papa Song's /Catkin /Zachry Relative 1
Groundsman Withers
Haskell Moore's Dinner Guest 2 /Mozza Hoggins
Haskell Moore's Dinner Guest 3 /Jarvis Hoggins
Haskell Moore's Dinner Guest 4 /Eddie Hoggins
Haskell Moore's Dinner Guest 1 /Musician /Felix Finch /Lascivious Businessman
Megan Sixsmith /12th Star Clone
Haskell Moore's Dinner Guest 5 /Nurse Judd /Aide in Slaughtership
Papa Song Punk
Young Ursula
Ursula's Father
Ursula's Daughter
Young Girl
Ursula's Granddaughter
Miro (as Mya-Leica Naylor)
Adam Grandson (as Korbyn Hanan)
Ursula's Mother /Herbalist
Scientist /Executive
Zachry Relative
Zachry Relative
Zachry Relative (as Cody Lee)
Nurse Judd Look-a-Like
Mr Roderick (as Victor Esteban Sole)
Lead Enforcer
Scan Enforcer
Crane Operator
Union Spy
Extra (uncredited)
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Male Nurse (uncredited)
News Reporter (uncredited)
Young Girl (uncredited)
Moore's Accountant /Finch's Friend (uncredited)
Muse of the Lemon Prize Winner (uncredited)
Student (uncredited)
Maudsley (uncredited)
Self - Newscaster (uncredited)
Co-Worker in San Francisco (uncredited)
Heroclone 02 (uncredited)
Korean Computer (voice) (uncredited)
Hoggins Impersonator (uncredited)
Newscaster (uncredited)
Maid (uncredited)
Board Member /Indian Party Guest /Papa Song Guest (uncredited)
Cloud Atlas

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