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Contagion follows the rapid progress of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days. As the fast-moving epidemic grows, the worldwide medical community races to find a cure and control the panic that spreads faster than the virus itself. At the same time, ordinary people struggle to survive in a society coming apart.

Original Title : CONTAGION
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : [Drama
Year : 2011French Release : 2011-11-09US Release : 2011-09-09
Actors :
Beth Emhoff
Li Fai (as Chui Tien You)
Li Fai's Sister
Mitch Emhoff
Clark Morrow
Japanese Bus Man
Dr Ellis Cheever
Alan Krumwiede
Lorraine Vasquez
School Nurse
ER Nurse #1
ER Nurse #2
Dr Arrington
Social Worker
Carrie Anne
Dr Leonora Orantes
Damian Leopold
WHO Official
Jon Neal's Wife
Minnesota Medical Examiner
Assistant Medical Examiner
Dr Erin Mears
Jory Emhoff
Helpful Doctor (as Ira Blumen MD)
Minnesota Health #1
Minnesota Health #2
Minnesota Health #3
Minnesota Health #4
Dr Ally Hextall
Dr David Eisenberg
Dr Ian Sussman
Dennis French
RADM Lyle Haggerty
AIMM Employee #1
AIMM Employee #2
AIMM Employee #3
AIMM Employee #4
Aaron Barnes
Sun Feng
Japanese Official
Village Man #1
Village Man #2
Sussman's Assistant
Hedge Fund Man in Park
TV Anchor
Chinese Health Official #1 (as Kwok Wah Wong)
Chinese Health Official #2 (as Sau Ming Raymond Tsang)
Funeral Director
Beth's Mother
Aubrey Cheever
Elizabeth Nygaard
Coughing Man (as Joshua Pollock)
Sick Lady
National Guardsman (as Peter A Kelly)
Shivering Man
Morgue Worker
Sanjay Gupta (as Sanjay Gupta MD)
Man with Megaphone
Hextall's Father
Home Invasion Thug
Photographer (uncredited)
FBI Agent (uncredited)
Extra (uncredited)
Press Conference Videographer (uncredited)
Police Officer (uncredited)
CDC Employee (uncredited)
Dread (uncredited)
Sick Guy (uncredited)
Pfizer /Roche Board Member (uncredited)
Senate Staffer (uncredited)
Sick Guy (uncredited)
Tallest Police Officer Checking Dr Orantes's ID (uncredited)
John Neal (uncredited)
Extra (uncredited)
Passenger (uncredited)
Angry Person (uncredited)
Survivor (uncredited)
Captain at CDC (uncredited)
Doctor Haddad (uncredited)
Vaccine Recipient (uncredited)
Reporter (uncredited)
Anxious Medical Patient (uncredited)
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Chief Scientist at U-Soulce Pharmaceutica (standing wearing labcoat in conference room) (uncredited)
Vaccine Recipient (uncredited)
Interviewee #4 (uncredited)
Reporter #1 (uncredited)
News Reporter (uncredited)
Tough guy (uncredited)
National Guard Sergeant (uncredited)
Sick Child (uncredited)
Airport Passager (uncredited)
Pharmacy Rioter (uncredited)
National Guard /CDC Reporter (uncredited)
Vaccine Recipient (uncredited)
Food Drop Recipient (uncredited)
Interviewee (uncredited)
Girl at ATM (uncredited)
Scientist (uncredited)
Vaccinated Citizen (uncredited)
Sick Person (uncredited)
Michael Giannes - Minnesota Health Department (uncredited)
Ahraf (uncredited)
Nurse (uncredited)
Girl with parents at the museum (uncredited)
Washington DC Lobbyist (uncredited)
Vaccine Patient (uncredited)
Lieutenant Commander Williams (uncredited)
Nurse (uncredited)
Minneapolis Airport Passenger (uncredited)
WHO Doctor (uncredited)
Reporter #2 (uncredited)
Press Room Reporter (uncredited)
Rafik's Lawyer (uncredited)
Photographer (uncredited)
London Lounge Patron (uncredited)
Inoculated Citizen (uncredited)
Interviewee #3 (uncredited)
Reporter (uncredited)
ER Nurse (uncredited)
Vaccine Patient (uncredited)
Doctor (uncredited)
Survivor (uncredited)
Infected patient (uncredited)
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Stage performer (uncredited)
Sickly Victim (uncredited)
Dying Woman (uncredited)
Café Patron (uncredited)
Sick Person (uncredited)
Concerned Citizen (uncredited)
Protestor (uncredited)
Airport Businessman (uncredited)
Protesting Teamster (uncredited)
Cafe Patron (uncredited)
Pharmacy Fighter (uncredited)
Virus Recipient (uncredited)
Physician (uncredited)
FBI Agent (uncredited)
Print Journalist (uncredited)
Photographer (uncredited)
Doctor (uncredited)
Vaccinated Citizen (uncredited)
Doctor in Lobby (uncredited)
Press Member (uncredited)
Hayes Valley Resident (uncredited)
Driver (uncredited)
Hazmat Doctor (uncredited)
Sick Patient (uncredited)
Vaccine Recipient (uncredited)
CDC Employee (uncredited)
Extra (uncredited)
Siphon woman (uncredited)
Emergency Operations Team Lead (uncredited)
Dustin Friel Military MD with the CDC (uncredited)
Epidemic Victim (uncredited)
Mom (uncredited)
Doctor /Looter /Man at Food Drop (uncredited)
Sick Child (uncredited)
Driver (uncredited)
Nurse (uncredited)
Sick Man (uncredited)
Lt Col Ginsberg (uncredited)
Redhead Interviewee (uncredited)
Sickly Victim (uncredited)
Vaccine Child (uncredited)
Husband Disputing Wife (uncredited)
Vaccine Recipient (uncredited)
Waitress (uncredited)
Civillian (uncredited)
Reporter #3 (uncredited)
Cleanup crew (uncredited)
Medical Staff (uncredited)
Polish Maid (uncredited)
Sick Woman (uncredited)
Military Extra (uncredited)
Survivor (uncredited)
Epidemic Victim (uncredited)
Cameraman /Refugee (uncredited)
Nun (uncredited)
On Air News Reporter San Francisco (uncredited)
Hospital Physician (uncredited)
CDC Reporter /Health Official (uncredited)
Sick Citizen (uncredited)
John Neal (voice) (uncredited)
San Francisco TV News Reporter (uncredited)
Vaccine Patient (uncredited)
Vaccine Patient (uncredited)
Sick Civilian (uncredited)
Congress Woman (uncredited)
Citizen (uncredited)
Doctor (uncredited)
Dr Brad Einhorn (uncredited)
Reporter (uncredited)
CDC Employee (uncredited)
Reporter (uncredited)
Court Room Observer (uncredited)
Reporter (uncredited)
On Air Reporter San Francisco Channel 7 (uncredited)
DOH Worker (uncredited)
SF Reporter (uncredited)
Girl In Cafe (uncredited)
Rafik (uncredited)
Dying Man (uncredited)
FBI Agent (uncredited)
CDC Employee (uncredited)
Potential Vaccine Obtainer (uncredited)
Japanese Woman (uncredited)
Capital Police (uncredited)

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