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Crank: High Voltage


In this high-octane sequel, hitman Chev Chelios’ (Statham) launches himself on an electrifying chase through Los Angeles in pursuit of the Chinese mobster who has stolen his nearly indestructible heart. CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE is written and directed by Neveldine/Taylor, the duo behind the 2006 hit film CRANK, and the upcoming GAME starring Gerard Butler. Jason Statham (THE TRANSPORTER, THE BANK JOB) returns to star as hitman Chev Chelios. Reprising their roles from the 2006 original are Amy Smart (ROAD TRIP, the upcoming MIRRORS) as Eve, Dwight Yoakam (SLING BLADE) as Doc Miles, and Efren Ramirez (NAPOLEON DYNAMITE) as Venus.

Rounding out the cast are Clifton Collins Jr. (CAPOTE, the upcoming STAR TREK prequel) and Bai Ling (RED CORNER, the upcoming LOVE RANCH). Lakeshore Entertainment’s Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi, Skip Williamson and Richard Wright are producing the film, with David Rubin serving as executive producer. Brandon Trost (the upcoming PULSE 2) is the film's director of photography; Jerry Fleming (CRANK, the upcoming GAME) is the production designer; and Dayna Pink (TENACIOUS D IN THE PICK OF DESTINY) is the costume designer. CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE is being shot entirely in Los Angeles. CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE is released in North America through Lionsgate, and internationally via Lakeshore Entertainment.

Original Title : CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE
Director(s) : (as Neveldine), (as Taylor)
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Action, Crime, Thriller
Length : 96 minYear : 2009Country : USALangage : EnglishCoulor : ColorRatio : 1.85 : 1
Sound : DTS| SDDS| Dolby Digital
US Release : 2009-04-17
Actors :
Chev Chelios
Doc Miles
Dark Chocolate
Ricky Verona
Don Kim
Johnny Vang
El Huron
Poon Dong
Karen Chelios (as Geri Halliwell)
Young Chev (as Billy Unger)
Talk Show Host
Fish Halman
Chinese Doctor 1
Chinese Doctor 2
Asian Nurse
Shot Gun Triad (as Setu Taasse)
Long Beach Nose Punch Triad (as Henry Hayashi)
Nevada (as Annie Girard)
Pepper (as Yeva Genevieve Lavlinski)
Low Rider #1
Latino Teen
Young Asian Dude
Cypress Triad Hood #1
Cypress Fat Chinese Guy
Los Vatos Punk
Strip Please Cop #1
Donut Cop #1
Donut Cop #2
Dog Walker
Dog Walker #2
Hollywood Park Guy
Glenda Lansing
Ted Garcia
Inglewood Pedestrian
La Precious
Inglewood Cop
Ambulance Driver
Paramedic #1
Paramedic #2
Maintenance Guy #1
Detective (as Joe Reitman)
Striking Actor (as Lexington Steel)
Female Porn Star
Male Porn Star
Female Porn Star #2 (as Jennifer Corrales)
Female Porn Star #3
Ron Jeremy (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)
Male Porn Star #2
Male Porn Star #3 (as Larry David Eudene)
School Classmate
Amanda The Yoga Girl
Alex Verona
Street Thug #1 (uncredited)
Stripper (uncredited)
Cypress Triad Hood (uncredited)
Chinese Hooker (uncredited)
Johnny Vang's Bodyguard (uncredited)
Cypress Triad Gangster (uncredited)
Cypress Triad Gangster (uncredited)
El Huron Golden Bikini Girl (uncredited)
Club Bouncer (uncredited)
Bikini Dancer (uncredited)
El Heron's Bikini Girl (uncredited)
El Huron Vato (uncredited)
Yoga Student (uncredited)
Bikini Dancer (uncredited)
Hollywood Racetrack Patron (uncredited)
Yoga Student (uncredited)
Stripper (uncredited)
Psychiatrist (uncredited)
Doctor (uncredited)
Mexican Gardener (uncredited)
Specialty Girl (uncredited)
Cop (uncredited)
Thug (uncredited)
Nurse (uncredited)
Speciality Girl (uncredited)
Skater Girl (uncredited)
Hollywood Park Gambler (uncredited)
Hot Girl (uncredited)
Ria's Friend (uncredited)
Groundskeeper (uncredited)
Twin (uncredited)
Strip Please Gang (uncredited)
Power Station Vato (uncredited)
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Biker (uncredited)
Stripper (uncredited)
El Huron Bodyguard (uncredited)
Chinese Hooker #2 (uncredited)
White Slave Boy (uncredited)
Yoga Instructor (uncredited)
Yoga Backup (uncredited)
Bodyguard (uncredited)
Yoga Instructor (uncredited)
Vato Punk (uncredited)
Black Biker (uncredited)
Goldie (uncredited)
Biker (uncredited)
Crank High Voltage

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