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Filmography from David Z Stamp

Filmography from : David Z Stamp

Actor :

Tangerine, Sean Baker, 2015

Zombies Vs. Strippers, Alex Nicolaou, 2012
The Tough Titty is a strip club that’s seen better days. But tonight it’s gonna see a whole lot worse. Spider has been losing money on his business for years. Now it’s finally getting the traffic he’s always wanted… unfortunately, most of his patrons are undead. With a sudden outbreak of the zombie virus, Vanilla, Bambi, and Sugar Hills deal with the disaster the way only a stripper can. Blood and braziers go flying in this exciting...

Someone's Knocking at the Door, Chad Ferrin, 2009
In this genre-defying grindhouse throwback, a group of drug-addled, sexually deviant medical students are systematically terrorized by Wilma and John Hopper. The Hoppers, serial murderers and rapists, mysteriously return from the 1970s and bring horrifying psychedelia with them. With comedy, subversion, satire, and true gore, the students must face escalating attacks, shocking circumstances, and visceral disgust....

Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!, Chad Ferrin, 2006