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Dawn of the Dead


Original Title : DAWN OF THE DEAD
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Length : 127 min | 156 min (Ultimate Final Cut) | 119 min (Dario Argento's European Version) | 139 minYear : 1978Country : USA | ItalyLangage : English | SpanishCoulor : Color(Technicolor)Ratio : 1.85 : 1
Sound : 4-Track Stereo(German prints)| Mono
French Release : 1983-05-11US Release : 1979-05-24
Aka(s) :
(original title) - Dawn of the Dead
- Zombie: Dawn of the Dead
- Zombies
Argentina - El amanecer de los muertos
Argentina - Muertos vivos: La batalla final
Belgium (Flemish title) (poster title) - Zombies
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) - Зората на мъртвите
Brazil - Despertar dos Mortos
Canada (French title) - L'aube des morts
Czech Republic - Úsvit mrtvých
Germany - Zombie
Germany (video box title) - Zombie - Das Original
Germany (DVD box title) - Zombie 1
Denmark - Zombie - Rædslernes morgen
Spain (DVD menu title) - Zombi - Dawn of the Dead
Spain (DVD title) - Zombi. El amanecer de los muertos vivientes
Spain (DVD title) - Zombi. El regreso de los muertos vivientes
Spain - Zombi: El regreso de los muertos vivientes
Spain (video title) - Zombie, el crepúsculo de los muertos vivientes
Spain (poster title) - Zombie: El crepúsculo de los muertos vivientes
France - Zombie - Le crépuscule des morts-vivants
UK (closing credits title) - George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead
UK (video box title) - Zombies: Dawn of the Dead
Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) - Zombi, to xypnima ton nekron
Greece - Ζόμπι, το ξύπνημα των νεκρών
Hong Kong (Cantonese title) (dubbed version) - Huo Siren Liming
Croatia (video title) - Zora zivih mrtvaca
Croatia - Zora živih mrtvaca
Hungary - Holtak hajnala
India (Hindi title) (dubbed version) - Livinga Mrta Ke Dona
Italy (literal title) - L'alba dei morti
Italy - Zombi
Japan - Zonbi
Lithuania - Numireliu ausra
Mexico - El amanecer de los muertos vivientes
Netherlands (video box title) - In de greep van de zombies
Philippines (English title) - The Zombies
Poland - Swit zywych trupów
Portugal - Zombie: A Maldição dos Mortos-Vivos
Serbia - Zora živih mrtvaca
Soviet Union (Russian title) - Рассвет мертвецов
Turkey (Turkish title) - Zombi
Ukraine - Свiтанок мерцiв
USA (complete title) - George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead
USA (working title) - Zombies
Uruguay (original subtitled version) - El amanecer de los muertos
Uruguay (video title) - Muertos vivos: La batalla final
West Germany - Zombie
West Germany - Zombie - Dawn of the Dead
West Germany (video box title) - Zombies im Kaufhaus
World-wide (alternative title) (English title) - Zombie: Dawn of the Dead
Actors :
Cast(in credits order) 
David Emge}} Stephen
Ken Foree}} Peter
Scott H Reiniger}} Roger
Gaylen Ross}} Francine
David Crawford}} Dr Foster
David Early}} Mr Berman
Richard France}} Scientist
Howard Smith}} TV Commentator
Daniel Dietrich}} Givens
Fred Baker}} Commander
James A Baffico}} Wooley (as Jim Baffico)
Rod Stouffer}} Young Officer on Roof
Jese Del Gre}} Old Priest
Clayton McKinnon}} Officer in Project Apt
John Rice}} Officer in Project Apt
Ted Bank}} Officer at Police Dock
Randy Kovitz}} Officer at Police Dock
Patrick McCloskey}} Officer at Police Dock
Joseph Pilato}} Officer at Police Dock (as Joe Pilato)
Pasquale Buba}} Motorcycle Raider
Tony Buba}} Motorcycle Raider
Butchie}} Motorcycle Raider (as 'Butchie')
Dave Hawkins}} Motorcycle Raider
Tom Kapusta}} Motorcycle Raider
Rudy Ricci}} Motorcycle Raider
Tom Savini}} Motorcycle Raider
Marty Schiff}} Motorcycle Raider
Joe Shelby}} Motorcycle Raider
Taso N Stavrakis}} Motorcycle Raider (as Taso Stavrakos)
Nick Tallo}} Motorcycle Raider
Larry Vaira}} Motorcycle Raider
Sharon Hill}} Lead Zombie (as Sharon Ceccatti)
Pam Chatfield}} Lead Zombie
Mike Christopher}} Hare Krishna Zombie
Clayton Hill}} Lead Zombie
Jay Stover}} Lead Zombie
Joe Abeln}} Redneck Rifleman That Misses (uncredited)
John Amplas}} 2nd Guy on Roof (uncredited)
Liz Augenstein}} On Air Girl at WGON-TV (uncredited)
Joey Baffico}} Zombie Who Sticks Fingernails Into Roger's Wounded Leg (uncredited)
Jim Balawajder}} Dead Yellow Shirt Zombie Lying Down on Escalator (uncredited)
Don Ballin}} Bearded Glasses Biker Riding Blue Harley-Davidson Shovelhead Custom Trike (uncredited)
Renee Banks}} Wild Haired Plaid Shirted Apartment Zombie (uncredited)
Ben Barenholtz}} Cowboy Hat Zombie Hit by Sledge (uncredited)
Dave Bartholomew}} Long Haired Denim Shirted Zombie in Bikers' Battle (uncredited)
Greg Besnak}} Brown Haired Fu Manchu Mustachioed Zombie Hit by Sledge (uncredited)
Rik Billock}} 3-Piece Gray Suited Zombie Shot by Roger in JC Penney (uncredited)
Dick Brem}} Short Mustachioed Yellow Collar-Shirted Zombie (uncredited)
Roy Brown}} Red Bearded Black Suit Coat Parking Lot Zombie Shot by Roger (uncredited)
David W Butler}} 2nd Biker in Elevator (uncredited)
Adolph Caesar}} Narrator of Theatrical Trailer (voice) (uncredited)
Zilla Clinton}} Blonde Biker Chick Riding Motorcycle (uncredited)
Mark 'Whitey' Cooper}} 19 Year Old Blonde Long-Haired Zombie Shot in Bikers' Battle (uncredited)
John Cosgrove}} Tall Bearded Zombie Clawing at Mall Door (uncredited)
Susan Cosgrove}} Crosshairs Zombie #3 (uncredited)
Josephine Cuccaro}} Curly Haired Lavender Turtleneck Sweatered WGON-TV Member (uncredited)
Lee Cummings}} Bathing Suit Zombie (uncredited)
Bobby Dauk}} Biker (uncredited)
Diane Donati}} White Nightgown Zombie Decapitated by Blades (uncredited)
Tom Dubensky}} Young WGON-TV Man Wearing Plaid Shirt (uncredited)
Jim Edmondson}} Jim - WGON-TV Cameraman (uncredited)
Charlie Edwards}} Dark Haired Zombie Wearing White Collared Green SweaterGlasses (uncredited)
Dan 'Ratso' Ferraton}} Bearded Sportster Biker Wearing Black Leather JacketYellow Shirt (uncredited)
Chet Flippo}} Cowboy Zombie (uncredited)
J Clifford Forrest Jr}} Featured Elderly Zombie (uncredited)
Christine Forrest}} TV Producer /Elf Biker Chick /Monroeville Mall Announcer (uncredited)
Cliff Forrest}} Tony, Man at WGON - TV ('You all right?') (uncredited)
Ingeborg Forrest}} Mall Zombie Wearing Blue Nightgown (uncredited)
Nancy Friedman}} Bandana Girl Zombie (uncredited)
Roy Frumkes}} 1st Pie-In-Face Zombie (uncredited)
Ron Gibson}} Landlord Zombie in Tenement Cellar (uncredited)
Chuck Gordon}} Mustachioed Plaid Shirted Zombie Grabbing at Peter's Legs (uncredited)
Debra Gordon}} Red Turtleneck Sweater Zombie Grabbing at Peter's Legs (uncredited)
Michael Gornick}} News Reporter on Radio (voice) (uncredited)
Trudy Gray}} Red Bandana Biker Chick (Jack's Girlfriend) (uncredited)
Barry Gress}} Parking Lot Zombie Knocking Sign Over (uncredited)
George Haeck}} Biker Riding in White Sidecar (uncredited)
John Harrison}} Screwdriver Zombie (uncredited)
Gary Hartman}} Blonde Biker Wearing Olive Green JacketBlack Helmet (uncredited)
Jon Hayden}} Featured Zombie (uncredited)
Chuck Hoffman}} Bearded Zombie Outside Gun Store (uncredited)
Michael James}} Bald Red Sweater Zombie (uncredited)
Jeannie Jefferies}} Blonde Zombie Who Attacks Roger in Truck (uncredited)
C Courtney Joyner}} Zombie Wearing Eyeglasses (uncredited)
Susan Kilmartin}} Yellow-Green Striped Shirt Zombie (uncredited)
John Kiss}} 4th Pie-In-Face Zombie (uncredited)
Vic Kleman}} Charlie Parker - WGON-TV Typist (uncredited)
Patti Kohl}} Blonde Green Sweatered Zombie Hit by Sledge /Blonde Balcony Zombie Grabbed by Blades (uncredited)
Katherine Kolbert}} Brunette Biker Chick Throwing PiesCakes (uncredited)
Walt Kravo}} Bearded Zombie Who Bites Moonbaby's Neck (uncredited)
Jim Krut}} Helicopter Zombie (uncredited)
'Wild Bill' Laczko}} Head Bandage Redneck (uncredited)
Tommy Lafitte}} Miguel, The Zombie (uncredited)
Ralph Langer}} Green Collared-Shirted Zombie in Ice Skating Rink (uncredited)
Robert Langer}} Mustachioed Plaid-Shirted Zombie Eating Bikers' Flesh (uncredited)
Maxine Lapiduss}} Redhead Zombie Outside JC Penny (uncredited)
Ellen Lauren}} Mall Rooftop Zombie (uncredited)
Conchita Lazarus}} Nun Zombie (uncredited)
Ed Letteri}} Long-Haired Man by Door at WGON-TV (uncredited)
Lenny Lies}} Machete Zombie (uncredited)
Michael Lies}} WGON-TV Bearded Man Wearing Green Dress Shirt (uncredited)
Barbara Lifsher}} Mary 'Chickie' /Blonde Biker Chick Driving Van (uncredited)
Tommy 'Slick' Lytle}} Biker Riding with Brown Headband Biker Chick (uncredited)
Paul Macaluso}} Afro Haired Puerto Rican Gang Member on Roof (uncredited)
Frank Maimone}} Biker (uncredited)
Mike Marcheck}} Biker Wearing Leather Cowboy Hat (uncredited)
Teddy Marcheck}} Biker Handing Out Weapons (uncredited)
Hap Martin}} Blonde Biker Riding Red Harley-Davidson Servi-Car Motorcycle (uncredited)
Nicholas Mastandrea}} Mall Zombie Outside Gun Store (uncredited)
Molly McCloskey}} Lovely Woman at WGON - TV ('My turn for the coat') (uncredited)
Doug Mertz}} Preppie Zombie - 2nd Pie-In Face (uncredited)
Robert V Michelucci}} Bearded Scope Zombie /Zombie Who Attacks Mousey (uncredited)
Bob Miller}} Funeral Zombie Wearing Three-Piece Suit (uncredited)
Ken Nagin}} Pendant Headband Biker with Axe (uncredited)
The Pagans Motorcycle Club}} Various Bikers (uncredited)
Jack Pappalardo}} Lead Zombie - Bach's Arco Pitcairn Pitcher (uncredited)
Tom Passavant}} Teepee Zombie Hit by Sledge (uncredited)
Jeff Paul}} Biker Who Shoots Flyboy (uncredited)
John Paul}} Bald Zombie - Airport Chart House (uncredited)
Gary Peabody}} Blue Plaid Shirted Apartment Zombie with Foot Stump (uncredited)
Edward Perchaluk}} Unknown Zombie (uncredited)
Charlie Peters}} Bearded White Collared Shirted WGON-TV Crew Member /WGON-TV Crew Member Who Gives Foster Bunny Ears (uncredited)
Donald Pollock}} Zombie in Parking Lot (uncredited)
Sukey Raphael}} Red Nightgown Zombie - 3rd Pie-In Face (uncredited)
Doris Rees}} Large Orange Caftan Zombie (uncredited)
Evelyn Reynolds}} Unknown Zombie (uncredited)
E Butler Richards}} Zombie (uncredited)
Russell L Richards}} Zombie (uncredited)
Rosemary Rixey}} 17 Year Old Brunette Pale Blue Dress Shirt Zombie Clawing at Mall Door (uncredited)
Cindy Roman}} Blue Bandana Biker Chick Riding with White Headband Biker (uncredited)
Lenny Roman}} White Headband Biker Riding Harley Motorcycle (uncredited)
George A Romero}} TV Director /Nick - Biker in Santa Claus Suit (uncredited)
Donald Rubinstein}} Roger's Zombie Attacker in Parking Lot (uncredited)
Robert 'Banjo' Saunders}} Parking Lot Zombie Who Bites Roger (uncredited)
Donna Savini}} Zombie Girl in Airport Chart House (uncredited)
Mike Savini}} Zombie Boy in Airport Chart House (uncredited)
Frank A Serrao}} Fat Grey-Suited Zombie (uncredited)
Gina Sestak}} Longhaired Glasses Zombie Entering Our Heroes' Mall Hideout (uncredited)
Warner Shook}} Security Guard Zombie Who Attacks Stephen in Mall Basement (uncredited)
Donna Siegel}} Dark Haired Light Brown Bloused Woman Heading Out Door at WGON-TV (uncredited)
Daniel Silk}} Blonde Denim Shirt Zombie Who Attacks Roger in Truck (uncredited)
Paul Silverman}} 17 Year Old Brunette Yellow Dress Shirt Zombie Clawing at Mall Door (uncredited)
Stephen M Silverman}} Zombie (uncredited)
Chris Singer}} Unknown Zombie (uncredited)
Chris Steinbrunner}} Unknown Zombie (uncredited)
Christopher Dean Sullivan}} Braided Haired Gray Jumpsuit Zombie (uncredited)
Ralph Tallo}} Stephen's Grey Suited Airport Zombie Attacker Hit by Sledgehammer (uncredited)
Milt Thompson}} Checkered Shirted Zombie Who Attacks Stephen in Elevator (uncredited)
Jeanette Lansel Vaira}} Biker Chick (uncredited)
Bobbi Van Eman}} Beautiful Curly Haired Female WGON-TV Technician Behind TV Station Employee (uncredited)
Sara Venable}} Leotard Zombie Hit by Sledge (uncredited)
Susan Vermazen}} Dark Curly Haired Plaid Shirted Zombie in Bikers' battle (uncredited)
Vincent Vok}} WGON - TV Station Employee (uncredited)
Billie Walters}} Biker Chick Wearing Brown Headband (uncredited)
Vickie Walters}} Brown Leather Jacket Biker Chick Riding with Bearded Sportster Biker (uncredited)
Robert Williams}} Soldier in Apartment Project (uncredited)
Laura Ziemba}} Ice Skating Rink Zombie (uncredited)
Dawn of the Dead

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