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The year is 2019. A mysterious plague has swept over the earth, transforming the majority of the world’s population into vampires. Humans are now an endangered, second-class species – forced into hiding as they are hunted and farmed for vampire consumption to the brink of extinction. It’s all up to Edward Dalton, a vampire researcher who refuses to feed on human blood, to perfect a blood substitute that might sustain vampires and spare the few remaining humans. But time and hope are running out – until Ed meets Audrey, a human survivor who leads him to a startling medical breakthrough. Armed with knowledge that both humans and vampires will kill for, Ed must battle his own kind in a deadly struggle that will decide the fate of the human race.

Original Title : DAYBREAKERS 
Director(s) : (as The Spierig Brothers), (as The Spierig Brothers)
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Action, Fantasy, Horror
Length : 98 minYear : 2009Country : Australia | USALangage : EnglishCoulor : ColorRatio : 2.35 : 1
Sound : DTS| SDDS| Dolby Digital
French Release : 2010-03-03US Release : 2010-01-08
Aka(s) :
Argentina - Vampiros del día
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) - Воини на светлината
Brazil - 2019 - O Ano da Extinção
Canada (French title) - L'aube des survivants
Chile - Vampiros del día
Czech Republic - Svítání
Denmark - Daybreakers
Estonia - Vampiirimaailm
Spain - Daybreakers
Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) - 2019 - Nea fyli
Greece - Daybreakers - 2019: Νέα φυλή
Croatia - Daybreakers
Hungary - Daybreakers - A vámpírok kora
Italy - Daybreakers - L'ultimo vampiro
Mexico - La hermandad
Peru - La hermandad
Poland - Daybreakers - Swit
Portugal - Daybreakers - O Último Vampiro
Romania - Daybreakers: Vanatoarea a inceput
Serbia - Praskozornjaci
Serbia - Svet vampira
Russia - Воины света
Slovenia - Boj za kri
Turkey (Turkish title) - Vampir imparatorlugu
Uruguay (original subtitled version) - Vampiros del día
Actors :
Cast(in credits order) 
Lisa Barrett
Senator Turner
Senator Westlake
Homeless Vampire
Police Officer
Police Officer
Edward Dalton
Vampire School Kid
Vampire School Kid
Vampire School Kid
Vampire School Kid
Vampire School Kid
News Reader
Coffee Shop Attendant
Subway Commuter
Subway Commuter
Charles Bromley
Al Walker
General Williams
Christopher Caruso
Commissioner Turnbull
Inmate 4075B
Lab Technician
Lab Technician
Vampire Subject
Bromley's Assistant
Audrey Bennett
Colin Briggs
Ellie Landon
Joy Watkins
Police Officer in Car
Frankie Dalton
Subsider in Kitchen
Detective Cosgrove
Forensic Investigator Simms
Officer Hobbs
Lionel 'Elvis' Cormac
Jarvis Bayom
Coffee Buyer
Alison Bromley
Subsider in Garage
Security Desk Officer
Security Guard #1
Weathered Human
Young Vampire Cadet
Vampire Soldier (uncredited)
Vampire soldier (uncredited)
Security Guard (uncredited)
Street Cop (uncredited)
Louis (uncredited)
Debate News Anchorwoman (uncredited)
Vampire Commuter (uncredited)
Rygar (uncredited)
Vampire Soldier (uncredited)

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