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Filmography from Demetrius Stear

Filmography from : Demetrius Stear

Actor :

The Domicile , Jared Cohn, 2017
Russel Brody, a one-time successful playwright, works diligently on a follow-up play that could land him back in the spotlight he so early craves. With a baby on the way, however, and a strained marriage, stress and frustration take center stage. When his wife accidentally stumbles down the stairs and dies from her injuries, Brody's mental state goes from bad to one of utter despair. In a bid to help his friend regain his sanity, Brody's...

Sorority Sister Slaughter , Susan Hippen, 2007
The Girls of Kappa Tau Omega are popular, pretty, and love to party! However, the party will soon be dead! There’s an uninvited guest in their new sorority house whose motto is Kappa Kappa Kill! Unbeknownst to them, a vengeful, angry, ghost haunts the halls of their new home. Kids on campus call the spirit Red Dahlia because of her gory, bloody death. Now these college coeds will meet this urban legend face to face. Who will survive this...

Pervert! , Jonathan Yudis, 2005