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Don't Go in the Woods


Four young campers, Craig, Peter, Ingrid and Joanie, back-pack through the mountains for a relaxing weekend in the wilderness. They are out camping in broad daylight, while someone else is killing tourists in the woods. Craig warns the others not to go into the woods alone. The hillsides are crawling with fat women huffing up hillsides, nerdy bird-watchers, and young couples. Most of whom meet gruesome ends at the hands of a deranged and growling back-woodsman with a sharp spike - who announces his presence by shaking the nearest branch and whooping. The 'happy' campers don't see a man and his wife being chucked off a cliff whilst they splash about in the river below. They enter a forest which becomes denser and darker as they progress. Peter and Ingrid fear that they are lost. Something large suddenly comes lunging forward with a gleaming machete. Craig slips dead to the ground as the machete cuts him up. Peter and the others flee screaming into the forest. The rest of the day and terrifying night is spent running and hiding from the maniac murderer who is constantly in pursuit. Meanwhile the local sheriff and his deputy decide they should start to investigate some of those disappearances.

Original Title : DON'T GO IN THE WOODS
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Horror, Thriller
Length : 82 minYear : 1981Country : USALangage : EnglishCoulor : ColorRatio : 1.66 : 1
Sound : Mono
US Release : 1981-11-20
Actors :
Peter (as Jack McClelland)
Deputy Benson
Store Owner
Artist's Child (as Amy Martell)
Dr Maggie
Victim - Running Girl
Victim - Cherry
Victim - Dick (as Frank Clitus Muller)
Victim - Bird Watcher (as Mc Cormick Dalten)
Victim - Lady Artist (as Cecelia Fannon)
Victim - Tourist at Falls
Victim - Tourist's Mother
Victim - Fisherman (as Hank Zinman)
Victim - Camper in Sleeping Bag
Victim - Camper in Sleeping Bag
Victim - Man in Wheelchair
Victim - Man in Tree
Police Department - Dispatcher
Police Department - Cop #1
Police Department - Cop #2 /Posse Member
Police Department - Cop #3 /Posse Member
Police Department - Detective
Police Department - Jail Trustee
On The Trail - Skater
On The Trail - Man on Trail
On The Trail - Pilot (as Matt Muller)
On The Trail - Cop at the Lake
On The Trail - Cop at the Falls
On The Trail - Boy at the Falls
On The Trail - Photographer
On The Trail - Angry Posse Member
On The Trail - Angry Posse Member (as Ebin Whiting)
On The Trail - Tired Posse Member
Posse Member
Posse Member
Posse Member
Posse Member
Posse Member
Posse Member
Posse Member (as Paul Thorpe)
Hospital - Hospital Receptionist
Hospital - Head Nurse
Hospital - Girl in Wheelchair
Hospital - Intern
Hospital - Nurse
Hospital - Candy Striper
Hospital - Doctor
Hospital - Personnel
Hospital - Receptionist
Hiker Mistaken for Maniac
Maniac (uncredited)
Dont Go in the Woods

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