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ESCAPEE  (2011)

While on a class observation trip at a local mental hospital, young psychology major Abby Jones has a chilling encounter with high-risk patient Harmon Porter. She returns home for an evening of normal study with her two roommates unaware of the darkness she’s awakened within him. Later that evening a storm moves in while Harmon escapes, leaving a trail of death as he makes his way toward an unsuspecting Abby.

Meanwhile Abby and her roommate, Lynn, receive a visit from Carter Thomas, the neighbor cop across the street, warning them about a local peeper lurking in the area. He reassures them that he is close by and as long as they keep their curtains closed and doors locked, they are safe. Little do they know not even Carter can protect them from the rage unleashed by Harmon’s new found obsession, Abby.

Secure in Carter’s cocoon of safety, the girls continue studying into the wee hours of the morning, seemingly sheltered from the horrific events happening around them. As the girls sleep, the storm takes a turn for the worse, darkening the neighborhood and trapping them in Harmon’s web of terror.

Titre original : ESCAPEE 
Réalisateur(s) :
Scénariste(s) :
Genre(s) : Horror, Thriller
Durée : 98 min Année : 2011Pays : USA Langue(s) : English Couleur : Color Ratio : 178 : 1 Sortie US : 2011-09-02
Autre(s) Titre(s) :
Brazil (alternative title) - Alta Pressão
Brazil - Perseguição Obsessiva
Germany - Escapee - Nichts kann ihn stoppen
France (DVD title) - Escape
UK (DVD title) - Asylum Escape
Greece (DVD title) - O drapetis
Russia - Беглец
Acteurs :
Cast(in credits order) 
Abby Jones
Renee Sanders
Professor Jeremy Davis
Officer Carter Thomas (as Scott Michael Elrod)
Detective Pars
Lynn Peterson
Kyle Roberston
Police Chief Gaines
Detective Alison Jensen
Chet Hall
Jerome Cooper
Fred Ramos (as Jullian Dulce Vida)
Officer Jason Tyler
Jimmy Willis
Guard #1 (as Tim Smith)
Warrant Officer
Julie Peterson
Deputy #2 (uncredited)
FBI Agent (uncredited)
Attractive College Student (uncredited)
Crime Scene Tech (uncredited)

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