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Filmography from Fanny Valette

Filmography from : Fanny Valette

Actor :

Night Fare , Julien Seri, 2015
Two friends night of reunion in Paris goes horribly wrong. When they recklessly decide to mess with the wrong taxi driver, they find themselves on the wrong side of a punishing manhunt....

Vertige , Abel Ferry, 2009
The gorgeous rising French star Fanny Valette (Moliere, Little Jerusalem) leads a cast of sexy young actors in HIGH LANE, a taut tale following a groups of friends on a climbing vacation in Eastern Europe. One mountain they want to climb is closed for repairs, but urged on by group leader Fred (Nicola Giraud, Taken), they ignore the warning signs and start their ascent anyway. There’s underlying tension among the friends to begin with, as Luke...

Sable noir , Harry Cleven (1 episode, 2006), Xavier Gens (1 episode, 2006), Doug Headline (1 episode, 2006), Samuel Le Bihan (1 episode, 2006), Olivier Megaton (1 episode, 2006), Eric Valette (1 episode, 2006), Alexis Ferrebeuf (1 episode, 2010), Benjamin Holmsteen (1 episode, 2010), Victor Jaquier (1 episode, 2010), Julien Seri (1 episode, 2010), Hugo Veludo (1 episode, 2010), 2006