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"FRIDAY THE 13TH" "FRIDAY THE 13TH" Remake Young Jason Photo


By Oh My Gore ! on May 16, 2008

"FRIDAY THE 13TH" Remake Young Jason Photo

FRIDAY THE 13TH FRIDAY THE 13TH Remake Young Jason Photo "Greetings from Crystal Lake! First let's reveal something here that I don't think anyone knows. Young Jason Voorhees is being played by Caleb Guss (pictured). The make-up is awesome, freaky and true to the original. Though he only worked a few days - the imagery adds a very disturbing depth to the character.

A couple of other things; first of all it feels like we are getting great footage, but in exchange our actors are paying the price with their blood. In order of blood spilled, Aaron Yoo just returned to set after a week in the hospital. The fine doctors here split him down the middle and repaired an obstruction in his intestine and now he is sporting 27 staples holding together his abdomen. Not optimal to say the least. Especially considering today's work required him to fall to the ground out of the back of an Escalade. Yoo is a trooper; he bravely endured the pain that forced him to lie down after he was done to make sure he didn't disembowel himself. In the back of my head I wondered if his insides spilled out should we shoot it and figure out how to work it into the movie. That is how horror movies screw with your head...

Second episode of blood spilling claimed the lovely Danielle Panabaker. She, of an easy smile and easygoing spirit, commits every time, especially in scenes that require full speed running. Last night we were shooting a scene where
Travis Van Winkle and Danielle are running full speed down a narrow hall, they got tangled up and Danielle's chin collided with the hard edge of the window sill leaving her down for the count. She was out cold for a minute with a bloody chin... she's a tough girl and was willing to come back the next day to shoot, but we adjusted our schedule to accommodate her ailing chin.

In addition, two other actors bit the dust for various reasons as well, so three weeks in we have had four "episodes". But I can assure you what happens to them on camera will be much worse..."

French Release : 2009-02-11 | US Release : 2009-02-09

Source : Platinum Dunes / Oh My Gore !

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