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Gadkie lebedi


The writer, Viktor Banev, is seconded to the UN mission in Tashlinsk, a Zone town shrouded in perpetual rain and mist. In reality Banev has come in search of his daughter Ira who is living in a boarding school for gifted children run by mysterious mutants called mokretsy (the wet ones). When the authorities plan to destroy the Zone together with its inhabitants, Viktor decides to rescue Ira.

Original Title : GADKIE LEBEDI
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Year : 2006Country : Russia | France | SwitzerlandLangage : Russian | English | Polish | GermanCoulor : Color(35mm)Ratio : 1.85 : 1
Sound : Dolby Digital(51)
French Release : 2007-06-30
Actors :
Viktor Banev (as also Grigoriy Gladiy)
Ayzek Golemba
Pavel Sumak (as also Alexei Kortnev)
Ira Baneva
Gennadiy Komov (as also Sergei Barkovsky)
Bora Kunitsa (as Dima Ispolatov)
Valentin Pilman (as also Aleksei Ingelevich)
Mokrets Zinoviy (as Victor Mikhailov)
(as Vitya Dzekanovskiy) (as Victor Dzekanovsky)
(as Volodya Grigoriev) (as Vladimir Grigoriyev)
(as Vasya Petrov) (as also Vasily Petrov)

(as Nastya Rudenko) (as also Anastasia Rudenko)
(as Zhenya Kalchenko) (as also Evgeny Kalchenko)
(as Gosha Bibisi)
(as Nastya Falilleeva) (as Anastasia Falileeva)
(as also Nikita Skvirsky)
(as Sasha Khodot) (as Alexander Khodot)
(as Anya Lazurenko)

(as also Sergei Russkin)
(as Boris Voitsekhovsky)

(as Alexander Dyuris)
(as Dmitry Mokeev)

(as also Dmitry Brodsky)
(as Boris Shvartsman) (as Boris Shvartsmann)
(as Igor Naftulyev)

(as also Yury Orlov)
(as Oleg Ogy)

(as also Andrei Siegle)
(as Zhak Martel)
(as also Skott Tobin)
(as Vasya Mikhaylov) (as also Vasily Mikhailov)
(as also Yegor Yevstafyev)
(as Masha Myasnikova) (as also Maria Myasnikova)
(as also Sergei Lysov)
(as also Andrei Losev)
(as Fedor Selkin)
(as also Andrei Shimko)
(as also Alexei Ispolatov)

(as also Yury Zaitsev)
(as Dmitry Yagnov)

(as also Sergei Kudryavtsev)

(as Dmitry Yezhov)
(as also Yury Kalugin)
(as Aleksandr Tsibulskiy) (as Alexander Tsibulsky)
(as also Alexander Pestov)
(as Tatyana Malyshchetskaya)
(as also Evgeny Bulgakov)
(as also Nikolai Karapetyan)
(as Dmitry Gerbachevsky)
(as also Alexander Vasilyev)
(as Sergei Ramzaev)

Gadkie lebedi

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