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Filmography from Gary Sugarman

Filmography from : Gary Sugarman

Actor :

V/H/S Viral, Justin Benson (segment 'Bonestorm'), Gregg Bishop (segment 'Dante the Great'), Todd Lincoln (segment 'Gorgeous Vortex'), Aaron Moorhead (segment 'Bonestorm'), Marcel Sarmiento (segment 'Vicious Circles'), Nacho Vigalondo (segment 'Parallel Monsters'), 2014
A Los Angeles police chase sends a fame-obsessed man on a wild ride to save his girlfriend from a cybernetic terror....

Cup of My Blood, Lance Catania, 2005
The lonely artist Jack Fender still grieves the death of his beloved lover Tina three years ago. He lost his inspiration and his faith on God and presently he is taking pornographic pictures for the mobster Sparky and his partner Limpy for a pornographic site managed by Nibbles and Scooter under the protest of his agent and friend Alex. When Jack witnesses a car accident in his neighborhood, the wounded passenger gives a box to Jack, asking him...