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Filmography from Gerald Paris

Filmography from : Gerald Paris

Actor :

The Vault of Horror, Roy Ward Baker, 1973
The movie begins with 5 strangers entering an elevator. It takes them to the basement and they exit to find 5 chairs a table and 5 glasses of brandy. The elevator, on that floor has no call button, so they decide to sit and wait for it to return on its own. One of the men, Rodgers states that his nightmares are quite frightening. After some coaxing he shares one of them. The nightmare begins with him speaking to his private investigator in his...

Island of Terror, Terence Fisher, 1966

Village of the Damned, Wolf Rilla, 1960
In the English village of Midwich, the blond-haired, glowing-eyed children of uncertain paternity prove to have frightening powers....

The Invisible Man, CM Pennington-Richards (11 episodes, 1958-1959), Peter Maxwell (9 episodes, 1959), Quentin Lawrence (6 episodes, 1959), Ralph Smart (2 episodes, 1958-1959), 1960
British scientist Peter Brady, while working on an invisibility formula, suffers a tragic accident which turns himself invisible. Unfortunately, there is no antidote, so, while working on a method to regain his visibility, he undertakes missions for his government stopping bad guys....