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Guardians of the Galaxy


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In the far reaches of space, an American pilot named Peter Quill finds himself the object of a manhunt after stealing an orb coveted by the villainous Ronan.

Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Length : 121 minYear : 2014Country : USA | UKLangage : EnglishCoulor : ColorRatio : 239 : 1
Sound : Datasat| Dolby Digital| Dolby Atmos| Dolby Surround 71| Sonics-DDP| Sonics-DDP(IMAX version)| Auro 111
French Release : 1970-01-01US Release : 1970-01-01
Aka(s) :
(original title) - Guardians of the Galaxy
Argentina - Guardianes de la galaxia
Azerbaijan - Qalaktikanin Mühafizeçileri
Belgium (French title) - Les Gardiens de la Galaxie
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) - Пазители на Галактиката
Brazil - Guardiões da Galáxia
Canada (French title) - Les gardiens de la Galaxie
Chile - Guardianes de la galaxia
Czech Republic - Strázci Galaxie
Spain - Guardianes de la galaxia
France - Les Gardiens de la Galaxie
Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) - Fylakes tou galaxia
Greece - Φύλακες του γαλαξία
Croatia - Čuvari galaksije
Hungary - A galaxis őrzői
Israel (Hebrew title) - Shomray ha'Galaxia
India (alternative title) (Hindi title) - Guardians of the Galaxy: Anktriksh ke Boss
Iceland - Verndarar Vetrarbrautarinnar
Italy - Guardiani della Galassia
Lithuania - Galaktikos sergetojai
Latvia - Galaktikas sargi
Mexico - Guardianes de la galaxia
Peru - Guardianes de la Galaxia
Poland - Strażnicy Galaktyki
Portugal - Guardiões da Galáxia
Romania - Gardienii Galaxiei
Serbia - Čuvari galaksije
Russia - Стражи Галактики
Slovenia - Varuhi galaksije
Slovakia - Strázcovia Galaxie
Turkey (Turkish title) - Galaksinin Koruyuculari
Ukraine - Вартовi Галактики
USA (fake working title) - Full Tilt
Uruguay (3-D version) - Guardianes de la galaxia
Venezuela (Spanish title) - Guardianes De La Galaxia
Vietnam - Ve binh Dai Ngan Ha
World-wide (English title) (promotional abbreviation) - G.O.T.G.
Actors :
Cast(in credits order) 
Peter Quill
Groot (voice)
Rocket (voice)
Yondu Udonta
Corpsman Dey
Nova Prime
The Collector
Meredith Quill
Kraglin /On Set Rocket
Denarian Saal
The Broker
On Set Groot
Young Quill
Meredith's Mother
Meredith's Brother
Meredith's Best Friend
Dr Fitzgibbon
Horuz's Mate
Sacrifice Nova Corpsman
Xandarian Ladies' Man
Pretty Xandarian
Nova Arresting Pilot
Corpsman Dey's Partner
Kree Ambassador
Nova Prime's Assistant
Head Riot Guard (as Emmett J Scanlan)
Angry Guard
Mean Guard
Sad Woman with Horns
Moloka Dar
Monstrous Inmate (voice)
Mottled Prisoner
Burly Prisoner
The Other
Watchtower Guard
One Legged Prisoner
Rifle Guard
'Drop the Leg' Guard
Tortured Pink Girl
Pit Boss
Lady of the Boot of Jemiah
Lady of the Boot of Jemiah
Lady of the Boot of Jemiah
Lady of the Boot of Jemiah
Lady of the Boot of Jemiah
Cosmo the Space Dog
Knowhere Dispatcher
Sad Krylorian Girl
One-Eyed Ravager
Ravager Pilot
Ravager Navigator (voice)
Nova Centurion
Nova Starblaster Pilot
Alien Nova Pilot
Maskless Sakaaran /Dancing Groot /Sakaarans
Maskless Sakaaran
Corpsman Dey's Wife
Corpsman Dey's Daughter
Corpsman Dey's Daughter
Goth Ravager
Crying Xandarian Citizen
Ravager (uncredited)
Nova Corps Soldier /Policeman (uncredited)
Traveller (uncredited)
Nova Corps Millennian (uncredited)
Kyln Prisoner (uncredited)
Prisoner (uncredited)
Prisoner (uncredited)
Ravager Pilot (uncredited)
Exolon Monk (uncredited)
Knowhere Miner (uncredited)
Thanos (uncredited)
Beautiful Alien (uncredited)
Morag Citizen (uncredited)
Prisoner (uncredited)
Prisoner (uncredited)
Peter Quill's Aunt (uncredited)
Nova Guard (uncredited)
Xandarian Alien (uncredited)
Flocks Alien Prisoner (uncredited)
Knowhere Planet Miner (uncredited)
Alien Prisoner (uncredited)
Groot's Flower Girl (uncredited)
Hospital Visitor (uncredited)
Xandar Traveller (uncredited)
Citizen of Xandar (uncredited)
Crane Operator (uncredited)
Howard the Duck (voice) (uncredited)
Kallulian Kyln Prisoner (uncredited)
Prisoner /Sakaarans (uncredited)
Alien Prisoner (uncredited)
Prisoner (uncredited)
Exolon Monk (uncredited)
Prisoner (uncredited)
Sakaarans (voice) (uncredited)
Prisoner (uncredited)
Prison Alien (uncredited)
Prisoner (uncredited)
Xandar Resident (uncredited)
Nova Corps Officer (uncredited)
Exolon Monk (uncredited)
Exolon Monk (uncredited)
Neo Nazi Prisoner (uncredited)
Cloned Girl (uncredited)
Nowhere Planet Miner (uncredited)
Rocket Racoon Facial Reference (uncredited)
Nova Worker - Yellow Alien (uncredited)
Miner (uncredited)
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Alien 1 (uncredited)
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Kyln Prisoner (uncredited)
Alien prisoner (uncredited)
Prisoner (uncredited)
Kyln Prisoner (uncredited)
Xandar Resident (uncredited)
Holographic Dog (uncredited)
Alien (uncredited)
Female Prison Guard (uncredited)
Guardians of the Galaxy

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