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HATCHET (2006)

A motley crew of tourists embark on a boat ride of the haunted Louisiana bayous where they learn the terrifying tale of local legend "Victor Crowley"; a horribly disfigured man who was tragically and accidentally killed with a hatchet by the hands of his own father. But when the boat sinks and the ghost story turns out to be real, the group tries desperately to escape the swamp with their lives...and all of their pieces.

Original Title : HATCHET
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Length : 84 min (uncut) | 84 min (Premium movie channel) | 93 min (European Film Market)Year : 2006Country : USALangage : EnglishCoulor : ColorRatio : 1.85 : 1
Sound : Dolby Digital
French Release : 2007-08-24US Release : 2007-12-18
Aka(s) :
(original title) - Hatchet
Brazil - Terror no Pântano
Germany (DVD title) - Hatchet: Old School American Horror
France - Butcher: la légende de Victor Crowley
Greece (DVD title) - O baltas
Hungary - A balta
Lithuania - Kirvis
Poland - Topór
Portugal - Hatchet - Pesadelo no Pântano
Romania - Securea
Serbia - Sekira
Russia - Топор
Turkey (DVD title) (Turkish title) - Balta
Actors :
Cast(in credits order) 
Joel David Moore}} Ben
Amara Zaragoza}} Marybeth Dunstan (as Tamara Feldman)
Deon Richmond}} Marcus
Kane Hodder}} Victor Crowley /Mr Crowley
Mercedes McNab}} Misty
Parry Shen}} Shawn
Joel Murray}} Doug Shapiro
Joleigh Fiore}} Jenna (as Joleigh Fioreavanti)
Richard Riehle}} Jim Permatteo
Patrika Darbo}} Shannon Permatteo
Robert Englund}} Sampson
Joshua Leonard}} Ainsley
Tony Todd}} Reverend Zombie
John Carl Buechler}} Jack Cracker (as John Buechler)
Rileah Vanderbilt}} Young Victor Crowley
Adam Green}} Buddy #1
Lance Kelly}} Buddy #2 (as Lance Kelley)
John Gross}} Buddy #3
Mckenzie Sims}} Kid at Country Store
Adam Weisman}} Halloween Skeleton
Brandon Gonsalves}} Halloween Pig (as Brandon Gonsavles)
Danielle Victor}} Halloween Clown
Chris Bailey}} Drunk Partier (uncredited)
James L Bills}} Mardi Gras Party Guy (uncredited)
Gary Desroche}} Screaming Drunk Guy (uncredited)
Kristin Michelle Duncil}} Mardi Gras Extra (uncredited)
Sarah Elbert}} Vomiting Girl (uncredited)
David Foy}} Hillbilly (uncredited)
Jessica Luebe}} Balcony Flasher #1 (uncredited)
April Montgomery}} Party Girl (uncredited)
Johnny Rock}} Mardi Gras Partygoer (uncredited)
Brandy Scott}} Kissing Couple (uncredited)

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