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Interview with Ken Foree - June 2005

Ken Foree - June 2005

Oh My Gore : "Hello. Could you introduce yourself to the readers of Oh My Gore! who might not know about you yet?"

My name is Ken Foree, The Worlds Greatest Zombie Killer. Dead things stay dead around me. Oh Hell, just come to my web page!

Oh My Gore : "Before talking about your career in cinema, could you tell us more about you? Why, when and how did you career oriented towards cinema?"

In New York I scored a film and television role during my off-Broadway years.

Oh My Gore : "Given that you had a part in many movies and TV series, the interview will only deal with the horror movies that you made. Your first, and not the least, as it made you famous in the whole world playing the part of Peter, is "DAWN OF THE DEAD" shot in 1978. How did the cast process go on?"

I auditioned for George and Richard with two different groups of actors. Four days later they called me and told me that I had the part.

Oh My Gore : "What memory do you have of your first meeting with the great George A. Romero?"

Boy! That guy is as tall as me.

Oh My Gore : "Were you a horror fan before getting involved in this project? By then, did you watch "NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD" and if you did, what did you think about it?"

I loved "NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD". It's the beginning...

Oh My Gore : "It seems you went on having good relationships within the “team” as three years later, we can find you back with many actors from "DAWN OF THE DEAD" (Tom Savini, Scott H. Reiniger, John Amplas, David Early, John Harrison & James A. Baffico) in Romero's "KNIGHTRIDERS"."

Yeah, that was an interesting shoot. There were a lot of people involved.

Oh My Gore : "How was the atmosphere on the set? You knew each other and you began to have an
important experience of the shooting?"

It rained a lot and I didn't have many scenes with the actors from "DAWN OF THE DEAD" while shooting "KNIGHTRIDERS".
Still, it was good to see them.

Oh My Gore : "Do you still get to meet David, Scott & Gaylen, your fellows of "DAWN OF THE DEAD" ?"

I do see them occasionally.

Oh My Gore : "There was two different versions of "DAWN OF THE DEAD", one for the United-States edited by George A. Romero himself very much socially oriented, and another one destined to Europe edited by Dario Argento much lighter on the themes that Romero stressed. Did you get to watch both versions? And if you did which one do you prefer? Why?"

No, I didn't remember seeing Dario. I might have looked at a scene or two. Send it to me, please!

Oh My Gore : "Then, you can be noticed in the cast of "STUART GORDON'S FROM BEYOND", another important name in cinema. Could you tell us about your collaboration with him?"

It was Rome! Brian, Stewart, Jeffrey, Barbara and myself. It was my first trip overseas. The same audition process: I read for it twice. My relationship with Stewart is really good, but he owes me 3,500 lira on a bet.

Oh My Gore : "Then followed four movies by Peter Maris amongst which "TERROR SQUAD". Why did you choose to make so many films with the same director?"

I really liked working with Peter. One of my favorite people and one of my favorite directors. I would work with again in a heart beat. During the shooting of "TRUE BLOOD", I thought we were really on to something.

Oh My Gore : "We can then see you in Jeff Burr's "LEATHERFACE: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III" in 1990. How did you feel about taking part to a more than cult franchise?"

I don't know. We just wanted to make a good movie. I didn't consider this a cult movie franchise...

Oh My Gore : "Have you watched the remake of "TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE" ? And if you have, what did you think of it?"

Have not watched it yet.

Oh My Gore : "In 1996, one of the big names in cinema was still missing in your resume, something you corrected by playing the part of Detective Gibbs in Brian Yuzna's "THE DENTIST" ! What did you keep from experiencing working with important people in horror cinema?"

Better watch out. There are ghouls everywhere. I enjoy Corbin, but I though he was going to bite my ear off.

Oh My Gore : "Could you talk to us about Corbin Bernsen who played the part of Dr Alan Feinstone? This man is amazing; he played in more than 100 movies and 20 films for TV these last twenty years. How was he on the set? Are you still in touch with him?"

He is like someone who has played in more than 100 movies: he has been there before and he is a pro. No, Corbin and I don't see much of each other. I played the cop who arrested him, not his wife (smile).

Oh My Gore : "Finally, in 2004, you're back on screen with the remake of "DAWN OF THE DEAD". Did you really care about being involved in the project?"

No Comment.

Oh My Gore : "What did you think about this movie? Which faults and which qualities did you find in it compared to the original?"

A good horror film, big budget blockbuster. I'll have to defer this question to all the fans of the genre. They must have their say!

Oh My Gore : "Don't you think that there are many remakes done nowadays in cinema ("DAWN OF THE DEAD", "TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE", "HOUSE OF WAX"...) without speaking of Asian movies or comic books adaptations and other sequels? As far as you're concerned, what are the causes of that phenomenon? Do you think it's because of a lack of inspiration from the Hollywood scriptwriters?"

Money! If you find a method of creating profit?? they will come?.

Oh My Gore : "We now finish with your incredible career by talking about your part in Rob Zombie's "DEVIL'S REJECT". How did you happen to work on this project?"

Rob was a fan of mine, and I'm a fan of his. We wanted to work together.

Oh My Gore : "Have you seen "HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES" before accepting the part in this movie?"

No. Rob didn't want me influenced. It is a completely different film from "THE DEVILS REJECTS" with some cross-over characters.

Oh My Gore : "What do you think of the way Rob Zombie directs?"

It is good!

Oh My Gore : "What are you going to do with your career now? Do you have any project in preparation after the release of "DEVIL'S REJECTS" ?"

I'm waiting for him to get back behind the camera. We've seen just the tip of the iceberg.

Oh My Gore : "In your whole career, what are you the proudest of (movie, part...)? And the least proud of?"

There are a few certainly. In "DAWN OF THE DEAD", I was a young raw actor, but I was slim and had hair! There are a few films I could douse with gasoline and set on fire.

Oh My Gore : "If you had to redo something differently in your career, what would that be?"

Start earlier and be as aggressive as I am now about my career.

Oh My Gore : "Which is the most striking event that happened to you during the shooting of a movie?"

No comment

Oh My Gore : "Which is the fellow actor / actress that impressed you the most (actor play, charisma etc...)?"

No comment

Oh My Gore : "Have you ever wanted to change and go behind the camera and direct your own movie? If you could, what kind of movie would you make?"

Yes! Horror, drama, comedy, documentaries.

Oh My Gore : "Let's talk about your tastes now. As a US citizen, what do you think about the films “made in the USA”?"

Hollywood is the Mecca, the USA is in the forefront in the world film market, but things are changing film production and completion no matter where they are shot. It is a world market now.

Oh My Gore : "As Oh My Gore! Is a French website, we'd like to know if you appreciate the cinema made here?"

Yes! I love everything about France!

Oh My Gore : "Generally speaking, which are you favorite horror movies? And the ones which scared you the most?"

Oh My Gore : "What do you think of the horror movies made nowadays? Is there any really outstanding according to you lately?"

Oh My Gore : "Which actor would you like or would have liked to play with?"

Pacino, Olivier and Sammy Davis Jr, just because I always wanted to meet him.

Oh My Gore : "Is there any movie in which you would have liked to appear in the cast?"

Oh My Gore : "Could you talk to us a bit about your hobbies aside from cinema? I noticed that
you give your voice to a character in GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS. Are you a video game fan?"

No, I'm terrible with games. I take care of a large family, but for fun or as a hobby? Exercise: body surfing, bicycle riding, lifting weights, etc.

Oh My Gore : "Anyway, we congratulate you for you AMAZING cinematographic career! Did you imagine when it all began that there would be figures made of you? Did it feel kind of strange when you saw it for the first time?"

Thank you. I have not seen an action figure of me. I would love to talk to someone who has.

Oh My Gore : "What do you think of Oh My Gore!?"

Tell you when I return to Paris.

Oh My Gore : "Thank you so much for taking the time to answer this long interview. Is there anything you'd like to add?"

Thank you and I hope to see you soon, Ken (WGZK) Foree
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