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Interview with Dani Filth - August 2007

Dani Filth - August 2007

Oh My Gore : "Hello. Could you please introduce yourself to the Oh My Gore ! readers who might not know about you yet ? "

Hell-o, my name is Dani Filth. I am the singer and lyricist for the metal band Cradle OF Filth. I live in the United Kingdom and my specialist subjects are Daleks, forbidden tantric sex and driving over the speed limit. I also have a three legged cat, my favourite colour is blood red and my ambitions are both world peace and world annihilation, depending on whether it's a Wednesday or not.

Oh My Gore : "Your principal news, aside from Cradle Of Filth, is your implication on the next Dario Argento movie score, "MOTHERS OF TEARS", that (finally) finalizes his 3 Mothers trilogy started in 1977 with "SUSPIRIA". To take part in such a project must be a great satisfaction for you as a horror movies lover no? What do you think about "SUSPIRIA" and "INFERNO"? Were you fan of Argento work before taking part to this project?"

Of course i was a fan, so the opportunity to be even a small part of the finale in the trilogy was an enormous honour to undertake.

Oh My Gore : "Are horror movies, and in particular Italian horror movies, an inspiration sources for Cradle Of Filth's imagery, video clip & gigs? "

Horror movies feature quite prominently in the inspirational repertoire that we adhere to as a band, but they are certainly not our foremost inspiration. That comes from the literature and the environment in which we live (the 'Witch County' in Suffolk, England). I am working on two books at the moment which reflect not only these but also the horror movie genre... one (the Gospel Of Filth) is an occult history co-written with the occult historian Gavin Badderley which is close to being finished (featuring contributions from Christopher Lee, Anton La Vey, Tom Araya, Marilyn Manson, Tim Burton, Dario Argento, Ingrid Pitt, Paul Booth, Doug Bradley, Dennis Bathory, Glenn Benton, Richard Ramirez etc, etc) and the other is a yet untitled poetry book written by yours ghouly featuring dark faery-tale illustrations by Samuel Araya. Both are set for release next year incidentally (Just thought i'd throw that it there)....

Oh My Gore : "Working with names as prestigious as Claudio Simonetti and Goblin must be rather impressive. I suppose that you grew while listening all its tremendous scores? "

Is this meant to imply that his music gives me a boner? Coz i guess it does. A slightly above average one i hasten to add! LOL! No it was an absolute honour on both accounts and hopefully one that may be repeated again in due course.

Oh My Gore : "How did this collaboration come about? Did you have free hands for the lyrics and the song lines? "

I was approached indirectly by Claudio and immediately jumped at the chance to collaborate. I was also given free reign with the lyrics and singing patterns, which were very easy as the song was so damn catchy already.

Oh My Gore : "Would you like to work with others big composers as him and if yes, which ones? "

God, either Danny Elfman or Wojciech Kilar. Both are amazing composers.... Christ! John Williams as well, imagine having your own theme tune like Lord Vader's! That'd be really cool at the local grocery store!

Oh My Gore : "This is not the first time that you participate in a score/soundtrack, we can see Cradle Of Filth to the credits of "UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION", "ALONE IN THE DARK", "RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE", "GINGER SNAPS", "FAUST" .... Which satisfaction do you get from theses experiences (knowing that some of quoted movies are rather bad, admit that :)) ?"

God, i just watched "ALONE IN THE DARK" and what a fucking terrible piece of shit! I had to turn it off. Mind you the others were no better, LOL!

Oh My Gore : "More and more Metal bands also participate in Horror movies soundtracks, why, in your opinion, these two worlds are so close ? "

Because it is all about escapism and entertainment with a dark, sexually-charged edge.

Oh My Gore : "You also tried acting in Alex Chandon's "CRADLE OF FEAR", is this an experience that you would do again like Marylin Manson or just a unique pleasure like Dee Snider ?"

Was the emphasis in that statement on 'tried'? I helped put that movie together and it was a real labour of love on everybody's behalf as it was all self-funded with the crew taking deferred payments. I would absolutely love to do something like that again and plans were afoot, though unfortunately a second movie was postponed after the potential funder pulled out and various other projects came up for both me and the Alex. That doesn't rule out the possibility of it happening again in the future though... It was a gory, fun film and paved the way for other bigger movies who 'borrowed' some of the concepts like Eli Roth's "HOSTEL" and "MY LITTLE EYE". It was never intended to rival Coppola or Scorsese, it was more like an early Peter Jackson flick.

Oh My Gore : "To be on the other side of the movie camera like Rob Zombie, is that an aspiration of yours? "

Deathinately. Unfortunately nobody trusts me near a camera and every time we shoot a new video ('The Foetus Of A New Day Kicking' is being aired now) it seems i'm purposefully misdirected from the director's area.
I think it's because people are scared i'm going to start suggesting shit that won't get shown on MTV etc. But that is the point. It's supposed to be scary. I haven't seen a film that has really frightened me for ages and i for one want to be that catalyst.

Oh My Gore : "As well, what do you think about Rob Zombie's work? "

I really like it. It has a strange vivid scent of Americana about it. Very pastiche and comic book with more than a hint of greasy carnivals, doughnuts and B-movie schlock about it. He is a very creative man and I just pray to God that his Hallowe'en more than lives up to the original.

Oh My Gore : "Which kind of movie attracts you the most? "

Dark, gothic, creepy classics like "DRACULA", "FRANKENSTEIN", "SLEEPY HOLLOW" and "THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES". I adore H.P Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe too, so anything with a hint of that in it is a must as well... hence i'm really into Stuart Gordon, Dario Argento and Roger Corman too. And don't get me started on Vincent Price, what an absolute legend.

Oh My Gore : "And now, before closing this interview, 10 questions that I used to ask to metal bands for our "Gore Metal Interviews" section : Which is your favourite movie and why ? "

Francis Ford Coppola's "DRACULA", because I love the decadence and pomp of the artistic direction and the nocturnal ambience and grandeur of the vividly rich production. I also thought it was a nice twist on the Dracula story/myth and the acting (well, aside from Keanu Reeve's godawful English accent... I say, like hi dude!) was impeccable. The film was extremely iconic, especially in Europe.

Oh My Gore : "Which is the movie that you disliked the most and why ? "

Probably most of the aforementioned ones that COF have been on the soundtrack for!

Oh My Gore : "Who is your favourite director and why ? "

Sad as it is, I really like Tim Burton, though I think it's high time he did something a little more outrageous and nasty, don't you think? Also Guillermo del Toro is an up and coming star. "HELLBOY", "PAN'S LABYRINTH" and "THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE" were all genius in my opinion and I'm more than looking forward to his latest works. Another star in the ascendent is Nick Palumbo whose "MURDER SET PIECES" so impressed me that I wrote a review of it for Hustler magazine which actually made the front of the DVD box, though unfortunately I was never actually credited for it. Still, give that guy a gig and see what he does with the opportunity. He is really a sick puppy.

Oh My Gore : "Who is your favourite actor and why ? "

Johnny Depp (for all the obvious reasons insomuch that he always seems to hunt out great gothic roles to play and while you're asking, no I'm not gay but probably could be if he asked!) and Christopher Lee, who is the quintessential English gentleman actor with a vast repertoire of great characters under his proverbial belt, not least of all Dracula, Saruman, Henry Baskerville, Francisco Scaramanga and Count Dooku.

Oh My Gore : "Which movie scene striked you the most ?"

God, that's a difficult one, there's so many. How about one I'd like to see? No, not the Monica Bellucci, Megan Fox and Jennifer Aniston three-in-a-bed romp flick, that'd be cool... no that prestigious honour would have to go to seeing the Imperial fleet perpetually bombing Endor, using fucking Jar Jar Binks as their initial first missile strike. I'd watch a whole film of that!

Oh My Gore : "Which band, according to you, symbolizes horror the best ? "

God I'd be a cunt if I didn't say either Goblin, The Misfits or my personal favourite, Cradle Of Filth!!!!!!

Oh My Gore : "Which movie soundtrack do you like the most ?"

Oh My Gore : "Which movie poster do you like the most ? "

Oh My Gore : "Freddy or Jason ? "

Neither, they're both lacklustre poofs. Pinhead for me. He is a good friend of mine and still eats children for breakfast out of the role! Oh and he appears in insurance ads too! That's pure unadulterated evil for you!

Oh My Gore : "What do you think about Oh My Gore !? "

Gore blimey, it's the shit!

Oh My Gore : "Thank you so much for this interview, anything you would like to add? "

Yes, thank you very much for your time! Check out our website and it's subsequent MySpace accompaniment ( for more information or better still, come and see us live on our forthcoming Viva La Bands headline tour of the US and Canada. Antichrist walks among us.
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autumns widow - /06/28 at 10:35
# 18

Oh my god!I love you dani,your my biggest inspiration

garry - /07/08 at 11:05
# 17

I am fond of literature and poetry in general, but especially I like poems by Georg Trakl - usually find them at [url]

stella666 - /11/10 at 16:53
# 16

hello babe,how are you?
You are so fucking hot
and i want to meet you...
i kiss you....

Faust - /11/06 at 21:13
# 15

hmm this was very entertaining ...i dare say it was quite hysterical in some parts lol i loved it.......

shana griffith - /10/17 at 10:25
# 14

OMG dani filth is so hott he is the best singer i have heard about and the best thing is i live in suffolk so i might veen see him arund god i hope so.......
anyways this is a well good interview that i have read hope to read another one soon xxxxx

jellybean!!! - /09/11 at 12:03
# 13

i love it

thanxs dani

i love you and the band

Sandesh - /07/26 at 14:17
# 12

Hey dani you r da best singer i've ever heard. U and ur team have brought a revolution in underground world. Hey Plz I request u to come in NEPAL. Many metal lovers including me are wanting u . Plz i want to hear u LIVE. I will always desire for ur concert in my town.
May my wish come true.

Vladimir - /07/12 at 21:29
# 11


Corvinus - /06/29 at 22:09
# 10

This interview is cool! Thanks! And visit my Cradle Of Filth forum at [url]

robert - /06/04 at 21:07
# 9

dani filth my name is robert can.t you end you freinds comming op to norway end heven cool kornsert my brother laik yours band

riana harms - /05/05 at 00:34
# 8

yes,great interview like always,dani you are my mirror my soulmate and i love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Faustina - /04/13 at 04:42
# 7

hahahahaha. he's so funny.
nice pictures too, god theyre huge.
hehehe my verification code is 67666.
im proud.

black angel - /04/10 at 22:12
# 6


Marishka Grimm - /03/22 at 00:02
# 5

Oh My Gore, you are the best too!
Thanks 4 this interview

Marishka Grimm - /03/22 at 00:02
# 4

Thank you very much by this wonderful interview. Dani you are my favorite singer, my idol and my God. if you read this, please make a concert in any place of Center America, if it is in Costa Rica or serious Guatemala far better. You are the BE(A)ST . I love my infernal king . Bloody Kisses and sex. Have a bloody nightmares.

cRYPTkEEPER - /02/16 at 14:35
# 3


+NikO_FiltH+ - /02/13 at 22:39
# 2

Great... Dani you are my idol...that was grat interview......dani if you read this please please make a concert in chile please.

Oh My Gore !Oh My Gore ! - /01/18 at 13:20
# 1

Thanx for this great interview Dani !

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