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Tartan Video

2 Soeurs Tartan Video DVD

Here's a very complete collection that Tartan Video propose us with Asia Extreme, going from action movies to fantasy/horror, through thriller... It's a pity, though, that theses editions, destined to the US audience, only were subtitled in English and Spanish.

About "A TALES OF TWO SISTERS", we can't reproach Tartan Video not putting much extras! Indeed, more than two hours of interviews and documentaries are for the most temerarious, without speaking of the two other versions of the movie, commented from time to time by the director, the two lead actresses and the technical team!
If the interviews with the four actors don't answer much, on the other hand the idea that the questions are asked by the director himself is quite original. We can here discover a solitary Ji-woon Kim, passionate with black ideas and no without a touch of humour. The most interesting extras are, without a doubt, the commented versions that offer a plethora of details about the scenario and the shooting, but also and above all the fifteen cut scenes when editing, which could have brought another dimension to the movie, and without a doubt more confusion...


Sound : Korean Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, DTS
Length : 115 min
Misc : Double DVD

Bonus :
- Commentary with director, cinematographer and lighting director
- Commentary with director and stars
- Hidden features : a letter from Su-yeon, a letter from Su-mi
- Behind the scenes
- Cast interviews
- Delete scenes
- Post production documentaries
- To the viewers – director's analysis
- Psychiatrist's perspective
- Tartan Asia Extreme releases

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