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Filmography from Jason Cross

Filmography from : Jason Cross

Actor :

The Key, Michelle Fridley, Mickey Fridley, 2008
Five friends descend on an abandoned building to shoot a documentary about its supposed haunted origins, but all is not as it seems. It turns out instead that the leader of the group actually brought them there to search for cursed buried treasure that his freemason grandfather had supposedly left. When one unfortunate soul opens a door to a darker dimension, a demon is released and begins to kill each of them one-by-one. Will anyone escape...

The Orb, Scott Lee Mason, 2005
A group of friends travel to an isolated area of Hawaii for a fun and adventurous getaway. While camping in the island wilderness, the fun comes to a halt when a meteorite crashes near their campsite. Investigating the crash site, the kids come across a small glowing ‘orb’ floating in the air. One by one the orb enters its victim, turning the group into mindless killers. The friends turn on each other, not sure who is real and who has been...