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Filmography from Jin Yamanoi

Filmography from : Jin Yamanoi

Actor :

Kokuhaku, Tetsuya Nakashima, 2010
Takako Matsu stars as Yuko Moriguchi, a middle-school teacher whose four-year-old daughter is found dead. Shattered, she finally returns to her classroom only to become convinced that two of her students were responsible for her daughter’s murder. No one believes her, and she may very well be wrong, but she decides, nevertheless, that it’s time to take her revenge. What happens next is all-out psychological warfare waged against her students...

Resident Evil: Degeneration, Makoto Kamiya, 2008

Perfect Blue, Satoshi Kon, 1997
A retired pop singer turned actress' sense of reality is shaken when she is stalked by an obsessed fan and seemingly a ghost of her past....

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hideaki Anno (26 episodes, 1995-1996), Kazuya Tsurumaki (26 episodes, 1995-1996), Hiroyuki Ishidô (3 episodes, 1995), Tsuyoshi Kaga (2 episodes, 1995), Keiichi Sugiyama (2 episodes, 1995), Masayuki (2 episodes, 1996), Seiji Mizushima (1 episode, 1995), Tetsuya Watanabe (1 episode, 1995), Ken Andô (1 episode, 1996), Naoyasu Habu (1 episode, 1996), Shôichi Masuo (1 episode, 1996), Akira Takamura (1 episode, 1996), Minoru Ôhara (1 episode, 1996), Tensai Okamura (unknown episodes), Masahiko Ôtsuka (unknown episodes), 1995
A teenage boy finds himself recruited as a member of an elite team of pilots by his father. ...