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Filmography from Jiro Miyaguchi

Filmography from : Jiro Miyaguchi

Actor :

Baby Cart: Le paradis blanc de l'enfer, Yoshiyuki Kuroda, 1974
The final film, and the final confrontation between Ogami and Retsudo. With most of his family already dead at Ogami's hands, Retsudo launches one last plot to destroy him, and when that fails, unleashes the fury of every remaining member of the Yagyu Clan....

Kozure Ôkami, Buichi Saitô (9 episodes, 1976), Minoru Matsushima (8 episodes, 1973-1976), Hitoshi Obuchi (3 episodes, 1976), Toshio Masuda (2 episodes, 1976), Teruo Ishii (1 episode, 1973), Makihito Takai (1 episode, 1974), Tokuzô Tanaka (1 episode, 1976), Hitoshi Ôsu (1 episode, 1976), 1973