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Filmography from Kaku Takashina

Filmography from : Kaku Takashina

Actor :

Kozure Ôkami, Buichi Saitô (9 episodes, 1976), Minoru Matsushima (8 episodes, 1973-1976), Hitoshi Obuchi (3 episodes, 1976), Toshio Masuda (2 episodes, 1976), Teruo Ishii (1 episode, 1973), Makihito Takai (1 episode, 1974), Tokuzô Tanaka (1 episode, 1976), Hitoshi Ôsu (1 episode, 1976), 1973

Le lac de Dracula, Michio Yamamoto, 1971
After a coffin is delivered to a sleepy little Japanese town, one of the locals discovers that its occupant isn't dead yet. Unfortunately, the only witness to the vampire invasion gets bitten, along with several other people in town. Only one woman, Akiko, knows the truth, but even she doubts what she is seeing. Can the village be saved before it's too late?...

Yûrei yashiki no kyôfu: Chi wo sû ningyô, Michio Yamamoto, 1970
A young man visits an isolated mansion in the country to reunite with Yuko, the love of his life. But her mother tells him that she's recently died in a car crash. As he pays his respects at her grave near the house, he's attacked by a shrouded figure......

Les tueuses en collants noirs, Yasuharu Hasebe, 1966