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Filmography from Kathleen Hughes

Filmography from : Kathleen Hughes

Actor :

The Spell, Lee Philips, 1977
A teenaged girl, taunted by her schoolmates because she's overweight, uses her supernatural powers to take revenge....

Le météore de la nuit, Jack Arnold, 1953

La légende de l'épée magique, Nathan Juran, 1953
Harum (Rock Hudson) is a fearless man of the people who comes to Bagdad to avenge the murder of his father and meets Krairuzan (Piper Laurie), a princess disguised as a commoner, working against a plot by a band of evil schemers trying to do away with her father, the Caliph. She gives Harum a golden sword which, in his hands, makes him invincible. Harum uses the sword in the name of justice and is doing quite well until a duplicate sword is...