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Filmography from Kim Byeong Ok

Filmography from : Kim Byeong Ok

Actor :

Manyeo, Park Hoon-jung, 2018
A high school student with amnesia tries to uncover what has happened to her. All leading her into deeper troubles ultimately revealing a darkness she could not have imagined....

Je suis un cyborg, Park Chan-wook, 2006

Lady Vengeance, Park Chan-wook (as Park Chan Wook), 2005

Old Boy, Park Chan-wook, 2003
On the day of his daughter's birthday, Ho Dae-su (Min-sik Choi) gets completely drunk and is arrested. His best friend No Joo-hwan (Dae-han Ji) releases him from the police station, and while calling home from a phone booth, Dae-su vanishes. Indeed he has been abducted and imprisoned in a room for fifteen years. One day, he is suddenly released, receives clothes, money and a cellular and meets the Japanese chef Mido (Hye-jeong Kang), and they...