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Filmography from Lan Law

Filmography from : Lan Law

Actor :

Gong woo gau gap, Dante Lam, 2000

Maang gwai jut laai ok, Billy Tang Hin-Shing (as Hin Sing 'Billy' Tang), 1997
In January 1997, a Tsim Sha Tsui branch of Top One Karaoke was firebombed, killing 17 youngsters trapped inside. This horror comedy based on the event hit was released in late 1997. Though relatives of the dead weren't impressed, casual viewers were treated to a nice little horror film. When cops Jor (Dao), Chicken Wing (Lai) and Linda (Yuen) are out on a bust, they chase a triad member, Big Eye Kuen (Ng), into a karaoke lounge. Ghouls suddenly...

Bak fat moh lui zyun II, David Wu, 1993