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Last of the Living


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A highly contagious virus is spreading throughout the land. With one bite, it's only hours before victims will turn into zombies and hunt for human flesh. Morgan, Ash, and Johnny might just be the only humans left, but they don't seem to mind and find enjoyment lounging around in their underwear living in vacant homes. When they stumble upon a hot girl who just may have a cure, the three decide it's finally time to step up to the plate and save the world- and the girl. Now the only hope for survival lies in their hands.

Original Title : LAST OF THE LIVINGDirector(s) : Writer(s) : Logan McMillan (written by)Genre(s) : Comedy | Horror | Sci-Fi Length : 88 min Year : 2009Country : New Zealand Langage : English Coulor : Color Ratio : 235 : 1 Actors :
Morgan Williams Morgan
Robert Faith Johnny
Ashleigh Southam Ash
Stacey Stevens Zombie girl
Jullian Josland Builder Zombie /Downtown Zombie (as Julian Josland)
Shaun Garea Builder Zombie (as Shaun Garrea)
Alisdair Muir Builder Zombie (as Alisdar Muir)
Grant Carter-Brown Builder Zombie
Sam Elimelech Builder Zombie
Kim Nash Builder Zombie
Cheese Builder Zombie
Ben Edwards Builder Zombie
Logan McMillan Vegan Zombie /Police Leader - voice
Annette Sikora Girlfriend
Mark Edwards Mark Fieldman
Becky Truscott Sandy
Mike Kingan Mr Kingan
Carl Voss Rob
Mark Hamilton Thomas
Ishmael Cheyne Boxer
Chloe Geoghegan Church Zombie
Flip Grater Church Zombie
Emily Paddon-Brown Stef
Mark Hadlow Dad
Chester Dextar Father zombie (as Chester 'Grubby' Dextur)
Dragana Jovetic Bridezilla
Matt Edwards Groom
Catherine Nugent Maid of Death
Kevin McMillan Gunman
Georgina East Gunman
Jon Coursey Gunman
Tom Patterson Downtown Zombie
Sue Laby Downtown Zombie
Kirk Pflaum Downtown Zombie /Stairwell Zombie /Cowboy
Jo Patterson Downtown Zombie
Joe Tupai Carpark Zombie
Ben Davis Carpark Zombie
Matthew Bill Carpark Zombie
Christian Gallen Carpark Zombie
Erskine White Carpark Zombie
Oliver Bellet Carpark Zombie
David Taueki Carpark Zombie
Adam Prelijevic Carpark Zombie
Ian Anderson Carpark Zombie
Harry Knight Carpark Zombie
Ben Childs Carpark Zombie
Daniel Batkin-Smith Carpark Zombie
Dean Lilly Carpark Zombie
Natalie Dirkze Carpark Zombie
Mike Cheer Hospital Zombie
Andrew Travaille Hospital Zombie
Rachel Travaille Hospital Zombie
Adam Brownie Hospital Zombie
Joshua Brownie Hospital Zombie
Stephanie Gainsford Nurse Zombie #1
Martha James Nurse Zombie #2
Daniel Dunne Audience Zombie
Kiri Hill-Dunne Audience Zombie
Simon Brouwer Stairwell Zombie
Kurt Preston Stairwell Zombie /Prison Guard
Bradley McMillan Foyer Zombie
John McMillan Foyer Zombie
Clementine Marshall Farmer
Bart Hoedemakers Prison Zombie #1
Brett Walker Experiment Zombie
Amy McMillan Experiment Zombie
Linda Yamasaki Experiment Zombie
Dan Watson Experiment Zombie
Jenny McMillan Experiment Zombie
Toby Ricketts Intro reporter (voice)
Dave Dunlay Intro newscaster (voice)

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# 1
William Weiss - /10/27 at 01:31
THE BEST MOVIE EVER! it starts out a little sketchy but pulls out far beyond any other zombie movie I've ever seen.
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