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Little Deaths


House and Home: Written and Directed by Sean Hogan

"A well-to-do yuppie couple, Richard and Victoria, pose as concerned religious do-gooders in order to lure homeless girls back to their home for perverted sex games. After deciding upon their latest target, a mysterious young woman named Sorrow, they drug and imprison her before subjecting her to a series of assaults and humiliations. However, the captive girl is not as helpless as she first appears, and the couple soon find the rules of the game have changed ..."

Bitch: Written and Directed by Simon Rumley

"Stuck in a destructive relationship that isn’t going anywhere and lousy dead-end jobs that have no future, Claire and Pete live in a council flat and are united only in their love of rock music. The flame of passion having long since died, the couple derive a strange sexual pleasure from an unspoken sadomasochistic role-playing game where Claire finds new and inventive ways of mistreating Pete – and Pete, ever the devoted lap dog, takes what she dishes out time and again. But in an unspoken game the boundaries are hazy, and when Claire unwittingly takes things one step too far, Pete devises a way to teach the bitch to heel, once and for all."

Mutant Tool: Written and Directed by Andrew Parkinson

"Jen, a former prostitute and recovering drug addict, is undergoing therapy in a bid to turn her life around. Her new therapist, Dr. Reece, comes as a recommendation via her boyfriend Frank. But unbeknownst to Jen, Frank and Dr. Reece have a shadowy criminal relationship. The therapist is involved with a bizarre black market narcotics trade, in which the semen from human mutations created during WWII Nazi experiments is harvested and processed for its psychic effects on the human brain. And now the last known mutant is dying, and a suitable replacement must be found"

Original Title : LITTLE DEATHS
Director(s) : (segment 'House & Home'), (segment 'Mutant Tool'), (segment 'Bitch')
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Horror
Length : 94 minYear : 2011Country : UKLangage : EnglishCoulor : ColorFrench Release : 2011-09-14US Release : 2011-03-11
Actors :
Richard Gull (segment 'House & Home')
Sorrow (segment 'House & Home')
Victoria Gull (segment 'House & Home')
Sorrow's Companion (segment 'House & Home')
Homeless (segment 'House & Home')
Homeless (segment 'House & Home')
Homeless (segment 'House & Home')
Homeless (segment 'House & Home')
Homeless (segment 'House & Home')
Homeless (segment 'House & Home')
Homeless (segment 'House & Home') (as Kimberly Howson)
Homeless (segment 'House & Home')
Homeless (segment 'House & Home')
Homeless (segment 'House & Home')
Homeless (segment 'House & Home')
Jen (segment 'Mutant Tool')
Frank (segment 'Mutant Tool')
Dr Reese (segment 'Mutant Tool')
X (segment 'Mutant Tool')
Mutant (segment 'Mutant Tool') (as Rob Boyce)
Michael (segment 'Mutant Tool')
Middle Aged John (segment 'Mutant Tool')
Drew (segment 'Mutant Tool')
Hoodie (segment 'Mutant Tool')
Frank's Accomplice (segment 'Mutant Tool')
Dealer's Client (segment 'Mutant Tool')
Pete (segment 'Bitch')
Claire (segment 'Bitch')
Al (segment 'Bitch')
Lucy (segment 'Bitch')
Recruitment Consultant (uncredited)
Girl in club (uncredited)
Little Deaths

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