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Filmography from Lou Castel

Filmography from : Lou Castel

Actor :

Tiresia, Bertrand Bonello, 2003
Tiresia is at the same time woman and man, according to Greek Mythology. Here, Tiresia is a Brazilian transexual living with her brother in the outskirts of Paris. Terranova, an admirer of aesthetics, is a dreamer. His obsession with Tiresia leads him to kidnapping her. However, without her regular dose of hormones, Tiresia gradually starts to change back to a male. Displeased, Terranova blinds Tiresia and abandons her in the countryside. There,...

L'osceno desiderio, Giulio Petroni (as Jeremy Scott), 1978

Faccia di spia, Giuseppe Ferrara, 1975

Orgasmo, Umberto Lenzi, 1969
Kathryn West, a glamorous American widow, arrives in Italy several weeks after the death of her older, extremely wealthy husband. With the help of Brian, her lawyer, Kathryn moves into a luxurious villa and proceeds to lead a lonely, uneventful existence until one day, a handsome young man named Peter Donovan shows up at the front gate, looking for tools so he can fix his sports car. Kathryn lets him stay the night, and the next thing she knows,...