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Filmography from Luigi Bonos

Filmography from : Luigi Bonos

Actor :

Finalmente le mille e una notte, Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony M Dawson), 1972

E Dio disse a Caino..., Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony Dawson), 1970
Gary Hamilton, innocently sentenced to ten years in prison is released. When he comes out he promises himself to seek revenge on the guilty....

Il castello dei morti vivi, Warren Kiefer, Luciano Ricci (as Herbert Wise) (credit only), 1964
Count Drago (Christopher Lee) invites over entertainers to his castle, but what the people don't know is that Drago mummifies animals and humans! ...

La ragazza che sapeva troppo, Mario Bava, 1963
Nora is a young tourist traveling through Rome which takes a sudden turn when she witnesses a murder by a serial killer that the police have sought for years for the so-called Alphabet Killings, and Nora soon finds herself in way-over-her-head trouble when the police want her cooperation to catch the killer while the mystery killer soon targets her for his next victim....