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Filmography from Margaret Heald

Filmography from : Margaret Heald

Actor :

Vampyres, José Ramón Larraz (as Joseph Larraz), 1974
A large mansion and the surrounding woodland are for sale. For some reason, it is difficult to sell it... Two female vampires ensnare male and female victims with their sexy bodies, then chew their blood the old way. When an American Lady fights back, they team-up against her... ...

A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick, 1971
Alex, a teenage hooligan in a near-future Britain, gets jailed by the police. There he volunteers as guinea pig for a new aversion therapy proposed by the government to make room in prisons for political prisoners. "Cured" of his hooliganism and released, he is rejected by his friends and relatives. Eventually nearly dying, he becomes a major embarrassment for the government, who arrange to cure him of his cure. A pivotal moment is when he and...