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Filmography from Margarete Tiesel

Filmography from : Margarete Tiesel

Actor :

The Dark, Justin P Lange, 2018
An undead teenage girl befriends a blind boy that she meets in a forest she haunts and hunts in. Both have been victims of unimaginable abuse, and each finds solace in the other. There may be a chance of light at the end of their tunnel, but it will come with a body count....

Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies, Dominik Hartl, 2016
Steve, a young professional snowboarder, ruins a high-paying photoshoot with a silly prank, causing him, his girlfriend Branka and fellow snowboarder Josh to be left behind on the mountain. They seek shelter in a garish, loud aprés-ski tavern that is hosting an all-night party for the last night of the season. Things go from bad to worse when a scientific experiment conducted by a local entrepreneur unleashes an epidemic of zombies and mutant...

Paradies: Liebe, Ulrich Seidl, 2012