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"TENSION(S) " Exclusive - First poster


By Oh My Gore on July 12, 2013

Exclusive - First poster

MEDIA - TENSIONS  Exclusive - First poster Here's the first poster for "TENSION(S)", action thriller feature film debut directed by Vincent Lecrocq ("SURVIVANT(S)").
Supposed to be released for the end of the year, "TENSION(S)" stars Louis Mandylor (Costas' brother - Mark Hoffman in "SAW" series), David Kinsman, Richard Roy, François Mequer, Joel Lacoursiere and the young Emily Stranges.
More infos coming soon. Stay tuned !

Synopsis : Jake Lamar was once a good cop. Nicknamed "the pride of Boston" for his outstanding negotiating skills, Jake has now become the shadow of himself. A tragedy made him quit his job as a negotiator to become a rookies’ trainer.
One early morning, Jake wakes up to find himself face to face with two gunmen inside his house. With his deaf mute daughter sleeping upstairs, Jake tries to remain calm and to deal with the nerve wrecking situation. He quickly understands that the two men did not pick his house randomly and they have no interest in money. The kidnappers know everything about him and have been patiently planning their move for some time. A psychological confrontation ensues as Jake tries to find out what they really want. The two men slowly reveal their plan to expose a political conspiracy. Jake is the key to achieving their goal as they use his expertise and police contacts to unmask the men behind a conspiracy that floats above the city.
With only a rogue swat team willing to put their life on the line and his own police experience, Jake tries to diffuse the situation without risking anyone’s life. As events unfold, the tension escalates when Jake can’t seem to convince the kidnappers to stop their actions and is reluctantly forced to fight back. With the life of his daughter as well as innocent people in his hand, Jake will do everything to stop his two adversaries while coming to terms with his harrowing past.

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