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Interview with Killjoy - October 2003

Interview with Killjoy - October 2003

1. Oh My Gore : "Which is your favourite movie and why ?"
Wow, that's a really tough one, I really can't pick just one favorite. My taste varies so much from Euro horror like "THE BEYOND", "CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD", "DEEP RED" and "BUIO OMEGA" to old classics like "CURSE OF THE DEMON" , "FROM HELL IT CAME", "DEVIL DOLL" and Universal Stuff. I'm a huge fan of hammer horror as well as 70's classics like "THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE", "DERANGED", "CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS". Then there's Occult themed movies like "THE DEVIL'S REIGN", "ROSEMARY'S BABY", "THE EXORCIST", "THE DEMON LOVER". 80's slashers like "THE PROWLER", "THE BURNING", "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME", "MY BLOODY VALENTINE". and I certainly can't go without mentioning "LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH", "DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK", "DEATH DREAM", "BAD RONALD" and "BLACK SUNDAY" the list is absolutely endless.
2. Oh My Gore : "Which is the movie that you disliked the most and why ?"
Probably "SCREAM" because it epitomizes everything I hate within the genre, humor especially!!!
3. Oh My Gore : "Who is your favourite director and why ?"
Producer, hhhmmm. Probably Aaron Spelling who did a lot of the 70's TV horror movies like "DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK" and "CROWHAVEN FARM" but my favorite director is definitely Lucio Fulci, no one can touch him when it comes to making obscure violent and horrific films.
4. Oh My Gore : "Who is your favourite actor and why ?
I have quite a few but I would have to say its between David Warbeck and Boris Karloff, both brought so much to their respective films. Karloff certainly did a lot more films and a variety of roles. Warbeck was just amazing in "THE BEYOND".
5. Oh My Gore : "Which scene scared you the most ?"
Oh that's easy there are just two that are etched in grey matter forever. The splinter scene in Lucio Fulci's "ZOMBIE" where the girl gets a huge chunk of wood rammed straight in her eyeball. The other is from D'Amatos "ANTHROPOPHAGOUS" The cannibal guy rips an unborn fetus from the woman's womb and takes a bite out of it. both scenes were totally groundbreaking!!!!
6. Oh My Gore : "Which band, according to you, symbolizes horror the best ?"
Definitely Goblin they have made some of the most memorable soundtracks ever. I'm also heavily into Fabio Frizzi, John Carpenter and Jerry Goldsmith as far as horror composers.
7. Oh My Gore : "Which original Soundtrack do you like the most ?
My very favorite is Fabio Frizzi's soundtrack for "THE BEYOND" I also really like the soundtrack to "CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST", "THE OMEN", "LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT" and definitely "CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD". as I mentioned before as well Everything Goblin has done is just amazing.
8. Oh My Gore : "Which movie poster do you like the most ?
9. Oh My Gore : "Freddy or Jason ?"
10. Oh My Gore : "What do you think about Oh My Gore ! ?"
Oh My Gore is fucking awesome. A real nightmare come true for horror addicts like myself. Keep up the great work!
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YESABETH - /06/24 at 02:24
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AlexGalinovsky - /08/07 at 23:50
but men... I hope see your interview just a little bigger...
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also! just fucking awesome site! men you relly coooooooool? heh!

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