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Interview with Sven - September 2004

Interview with Sven - September 2004

1. Oh My Gore : "Which is your favourite movie and why ?"
That's quite a hard one really, I really love "THE REANIMATOR" for it's humoristic side & high stupidity factor. Great movie. "EVIL DEAD" ranks up high there as well, and as far as being really 'horror' stuff, I'd say definately the 'dead' series from Romero. Even the remake from "DAWN OF THE DEAD".
2. Oh My Gore : "Which is the movie that you disliked the most and why ?"
"WHAT WOMEN WANT". I think this speaks for itself: mel gibson, comedy...what women want? seriously, the guy that made this movie should be shot in the ass with a 12gauge. Second on the list would be "ROMEO & JULIET" that really fucking annoyed me. (what women can make you watch)
3. Oh My Gore : "Who is your favourite director and why ?"
Again pretty tough ones but some of my favorite would be Romero, Fulci & Clive Barker, why? because they made great movies in the genre, off course! Barker always had something special about him I think, his books
are really great & his stories are very uncommon.
4. Oh My Gore : "Who is your favourite actor and why ?
Hands down Bruce Campbell for his 'Ash' role, that shit was mad funny & totally made the "EVIL DEAD" movies.
5. Oh My Gore : "Which scene scared you the most ?"
Euh...that would be one of the early scenes in "IRREVERSIBLE" where they have the fight in that gay bar, that was pretty disturbing in the way that it seemed totally fucking realistic, especially knowing they nailed the wrong guy.
6. Oh My Gore : "Which band, according to you, symbolizes horror the best ?"
Would that be in the way that they make such bad music it's considered a horror to listen to? Or just
that they use way too much horror samples? haha, in the last case i'd say that it would be Mortician
they are total horror worship.
7. Oh My Gore : "Which original Soundtrack do you like the most ?
I don't listen to soundtracks really, but the "28 DAYS LATER" soundtrack was pretty sweet.
8. Oh My Gore : "Which movie poster do you like the most ?
The new "DAWN OF THE DEAD" posters were fucking awesome, also everything artwise about
"28 DAYS LATER" ruled bigtime.
9. Oh My Gore : "Freddy or Jason ?"
Can't choose here, I love the dark humour/sadism of freddy; and I love the oldschool factor & cooldblooded
unstoppable killing machine thing about Jason. if you'd say Michael Myers or Jason, the pick would be easier haha!
Both were a part in my growing up & I have most of both series. That "FREDDY VS JASON" movie wasn't bad at all by the way, I expected it to be much worse.
10. Oh My Gore : "What do you think about Oh My Gore ! ?"
Very informative on the genre & nice website! I think i'll be checking it more often to find more dvd titles to buy ! haha

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Faust - /11/07 at 21:22
# 1

lol yeah i agree with you 'what women want" is a total fuck tard of a movie.......i respect mel gibson as a person but shit that movie made him look like a fucking cunt

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